Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | June 4, 2009

Spit happens … a lot around these parts.

Evelyn can be a bit of a “spitter” if you know what I mean. There are days when she doesn’t spit up at all and then there are days that she does … days like … today.

We ran into the bank to try to fix an error with the church accounts before heading to the office. A mistake that I did not make thankfully. Not surprisingly, banks don’t like to be wrong and so fixing this little error took some time.

This little bank is a busy place, rarely am I in there when I am the only one doing bank business. As we waited, Evelyn got a little irritated. She is normally pretty good about waiting but this morning she was done sitting in that seat.

Since my little bank lady went to “check on this” with apparently the head lady in charge I figured it could be awhile and so I rescued little Evelyn and took her out of her car seat like a good, or bad? Mom would.

Still irritated I tried the pacifier which I know she hates. There is just some sortof instinctive about “oh she’s crying! … give her the pacifier!” which comes out. Even though I know she isn’t a fan of her pacifier ever, I still try. Surprise, it didn’t do any good. She was just plain old fussy which isn’t a normal Evelyn characteristic. But fussy she was, and people were starting to look. Our beautiful baby is used to lots of attention, but because of her normal charm and not her fussiness.

Then it happened … the reason why she was fussy was suddenly made clear … and along with a great burp came a significant amount of spit up. By significant I thought “oh man!” and quickly cleaned her up and dawned a pretty pink burp rag over the center of my body for the remainder of our bank visit.

Thankfully the bank issue was resolved, but only after this “head lady in charged” yelled at me from across the room … “did you transfer between accounts with a check?” and I said “no, the teller just transferred between the accounts and handed me those receipts”. Still yelling with lots of the full bank looking at me “Well how did she do it?”. A little irritated I said “I don’t know, I wasn’t back there with her, I just asked for the funds to be transferred from one account to the other and she handed me the receipts”. Equally irritated she replied “Yes but how did she do it?”. Again I said “I really don’t know”. End of yelling across the bank, thankfully!

We were at the bank a long time so when the transfer happened again and apparently “took this time”, I quickly gathered the car seat and did the “loading” near the door. I tried to exit just as quickly out the door since my protection of a pink burp rag had to go back in the car seat. Thing is, is that you can only get away with sporting that sort of thing with a baby in your arms … otherwise it just looks odd.

Unfortunately, there was a kind older gentlemen leaving at the same time and said “oh let me get that door for you!”. Sweet?, yes … “a quick to the door older gentleman”?, not so much. So I waited cause that is what you have to do in order to allow kindness sometimes and as the spit up was drying ever so quickly while being completely exposed I was thankful for this little man and his thoughtfulness, even though I was quite able to get the door.

We arrived at the office and I pretty much washed my shirt … while wearing it. Thankfully we have a very small parish which means a very small and quiet office. And while my shirt seems to be drying rather fast, I am hoping that no little church ladies stop by this little parish office any time too soon because my wet t-shirt would likely be the talk of this tinny little town! Suppose that they would accept my “spit happens” excuse?



  1. Elena was a really bad spitter. Her first halloween, we went to the rohr’s for their halloween dealie and elena was eating and seemed to be doing fine nothing came out and I was sooooo happy! Well little did I know that she projectile spit up behind me and completely missed the rag that was on my shoulder and hit my whole back and the floor! I honestly think it was her whole stomach worth of spit up. My shirt and my pants (of course the butt) were soaked…felt so embarrassed but she felt great the rest of the night. hahah. Just goes to show you, those burp rags don’t do much! I can’t believe how big your little lady is getting. I hope those clothes work out for you guys! We’ll have to get together sometime for the babies to play.

  2. Oh, BTDT with wearing the spit up rag. I really hate it when they spit up on somebody else and that somebody else looks horrified. If it’s another mommy, she usually takes it in stride.

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