Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | June 6, 2009

Well now, THIS is new …

Oh, it started out innocently enough …


Just a Mom taking a picture of her cute little baby with one of those headband deals that the Mom doesn’t especially like, but since she had passed by it countless times in the past month thinking how much she doesn’t like them, she put it on the baby’s head … just to make fun of it. 

But as she looked at her cute baby she thought a picture would be fun, since that baby is so stinkin’ cute afterall.  Plus, it just might be nice to have proof that the headband was “used” at one time. 

Soon after a picture or two was taken the Mom noticed the baby’s hand holding her cute dress …


And before she knew it the baby was not showing off her cute hair piece, but was showing off her cute tummy. 


And now the Mom may have to spend a little time talking to the baby about how girls aren’t supposed to show off thier tummy’s.  For now though, the Mom is just happy that she caught it quick enough before the baby went back to this face … looking as if she didn’t do anything at all.



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