Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | June 7, 2009

A peach of a gal …

A dear old friend from church called me at the church while I was working in the office a couple weeks back and asked me to please add her name to the prayer list on the back of our parish bulletin. Suddenly dealing with a cancer diagonis she said that she could use all the prayers she could get! I said that I would add her right away and then she asked … “and how is Miss Evelyn!?” … she just loved Evelyn, and thought she was a very special little baby. So I replied, “oh she is doing great and still growing fast.” with a deep sigh she said “Oh that Evelyn, she sure is a peach of a gal isn’t she?”. I had to agree but after I hung up I also had to chuckle a bit because I hadn’t ever heard of a 4 month old referred to as a “peach of a gal”. 

My caller was dear Theresa who just celebrated her 85th birthday in May and who also passed away last Wednesday morning. She was just such a great little old lady whom I got to know quite well as I worked beside her in the church kitchen on too many occasions to remember. Our friendship grew even more when I started at the church as secretary this past October. Theresa would help me in the parish office each week, helping to count the weekly collection. Each week she would come in the door and I would say “how are you today?”, and it never failed that her reply was “just wonderful!”.

I have only had the privilege of knowing her about 2 years but I learned much from her. A cheerful, faithful, generous soul, with a great spit fire personality, Ms. Theresa will always be remembered and I will greatly miss her.

Theresa would have loved this sleeping picture … it shows Miss E. as more of ” a sleep of a gal”, then “a peach of a gal”, but either way, we have to agree with Theresa that she is pretty special, just like she herself was.




  1. Do you realize you’ve blogged 8 days in a row? Thanks for sharing.

  2. I’m so sorry for your loss. It is hard to lose a friend. I’m sure Theresa will be praying for Miss Evelyn from heaven. She sounds like a real peach herself.

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