Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | June 11, 2009

Forever in newborn …

There is a song called “forever in blue jeans” … I think?  Seems like that is what it is called.  Though  I also thought that maybe it could be called “together in blue jeans”?   Since I don’t know and I want it to be “forever” then that is what we will go with. 

See, I was able to put something besides a sweater on Evelyn this morning since the sun was shining and there was not a roaring fire in the wood stove.  When I was looking for the perfect outfit,  I remembered an outfit that we received from a neighbor shortly after we first brought our preemie home.  I thought it was a small size, but I didn’t remember that it was a newborn size.  Mostly, Miss E. is not able to wear newborn size anymore.  Her chunky little self can still squeeze into some newborn onsies but that is pretty much it. 

For the fun of it I thought I would see if it happened to fit.  I feel bad when we don’t get a chance to use gifts that people spent time picking out just for her.  On it went and to my surprise it fit!



Sortof.  Now you can clearly see that it is a bit snug but really, the top fit pretty well …  it was those little capri’s that were not quite as roomy.  I don’t think that she was terribly uncomfortable and so the outfit stayed on and we headed to work.  Hard to believe that a 13.5 pounder can still squeeze into these little outfits.

I realized when we got  home and went from “workin’ girl in disposables”, to “at home farm girl in cloth” … the green pants just had to go.  Cloth diapers add a bit of bulk.   Here she is again … looking a tad bit more comfy …


The shirt still managed to snap so all good there, but the pants will be added to the “newborn” tub of clothes. 


Just another step farther away from being forever in blue jeans newborn.


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