Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | June 13, 2009

Not quite weeding …

Yesterday was Evelyn’s first trip to the garden. Well, actually she has been there before, but mostly to just check up on Daddy Farmer Neal and not to work. Yesterday however, was going to be her first official work day. The weeds are getting much too big and baby or no baby we gotta get them taken care of.

The timing worked out pretty well and I figured that Miss E. would fall asleep in her car seat and I could pick the weeds while she snoozed. My plan worked great … for about 10 minutes. Just enough time to get a “before” picture of my onions …


and pick about 3 feet before rain started to fall.

The sky was beautiful, but a rain cloud hung right over the farm and it started sprinkling. Now I am a veteran weed picker and a little rain wasn’t going to stop me and so I covered the baby with a blanket and went back to weeding.   However, the sprinkling lasted longer than I was comfortable with and so we headed in the house. I felt a little bit like a wimp but it just seemed wrong to weed with a baby in the rain. I figured it would pass over and we would head back out.

That idea was short lived since by this time the non-sleeping baby was really ready to sleep.  Given the choice, Evelyn will chose to sleep in her crib over any other place.  Down she went and I did what any good farm girl would do when she had wimped out on weeding and was stuck in the house for at least a couple of hours …


I made caramel rolls.  You really didn’t think I was going to say “clean the bathroom” did you?

I thought about making them earlier in the day since I knew that Veteran Haymaker would be here for dinner and that we were having pancakes and eggs.  I try to make something sweet for dessert when someone is over for dinner or lunch or whatever and when I thought about breakfast food I of course thought of carmel rolls.  It doesn’t always happen that I have a dessert to serve, but I try.  Even though I knew it would be nice to bake the afternoon away, I knew that the weeds needed to be done.  Farmer Neal has been spending what little time he does have after work out battling the weeds and has asked for help, if I am able.  And since I had technically “tried” to weed, before rain sprinkles came, I decided that I could go back to my original baking plan. 

The baking didn’t come without guilt though.  I continually checked outside to see if it was actually going to rain.  I knew that I could relax and know that heading in with sprinkles was an ok decision if it would just “really rain!”.  It didn’t … until about a half an hour later when it actually did rain … enough rain where we would both have been drenched on the way into the house.  My guilt lifted, I happily continued my baking.






So instead of a weeding day it turned into a baking day for the Mama and …


Not surprisingly, another sleeping day for the baby. 

The weeds will still be in the garden today and my guess … weather permitting … we will be heading out there as well.



  1. It looks like I need a lesson from you to make cinnamon rolls…they look scrumdiliumptious! And BIG…just how I like them! How do you do it?

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