Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | June 17, 2009

When Farmer Neal is right … again!

Last night when Loren came in from the garden for dinner he said “I weeded 2 rows of potatoes and began another row when I thought that I should check the carrots … (short pause) … It was the most depressing thing I have ever seen!”.

Apparently the weeds were bad and the plants were few. I told him that I would guess that there were many more depressing things that he has witnessed in his life but he was pretty confident that the 2 rows of carrots were the most depressing. To prove him wrong and to help lift the depression, I offered to go weed until it got dark if he just took care of Evelyn and did the dishes. He said “I don’t want two of us to be depressed, I better just go back out”.

Oddly enough, I began to beg and plead to go out and weed … how strange is that huh? Finally Farmer Neal caved and said “ok, if you really want to, but it is bad out there”. I had already changed and fed the baby so his part of the deal was the dishes which didn’t look like too much work.

Out I went and soon discovered that yes it deed, the two rows of carrots were depressing. Horribly depressing. The weeds out number the carrots by about 100 to 1. Seriously, it is bad. I worked on them for awhile and soon became too depressed to continue. Even with my new and improved short rows of “only 50 ft.”, it was too much … too many weeds, too few plants, and too much mud.

Since I didn’t want to just go in the house and admit defeat I decided that the potatoes looked like a good idea … the weeds there are huge and the plant is huge so it is a relatively simple process. The weeding project didn’t come without work however, and the mud was still there, but it was a bit less depressing then the carrots weed patch.  I thought that I would be done and go in as it began to get darker and darker but I was determined to finish the row … dark or not.

I ended up finishing my row and it was really dark … so dark that on my way out of the garden and back to the house Loren called out “Stephanie? … are you dead? … it is too dark to be weeding!”. I yelled back that I was on my way in. I should add that Farmer Neal thought he was pretty clever with the “are you dead” question because I ask him that a lot when he is gone so long, or comes home late without a call. When I got in the house he even added “I was planning your funeral!” which I say a lot as well. He is a funny guy.

I had to admit that he was right about the depressing weeds. He looked at me as to say “I told you so!”, but didn’t say it. I would have! Ha.

That part of the deal where he did the dishes wasn’t quite finished yet. Apparently I was a little off on my “the dishes should take like 10 minutes!”, in my pleading and begging to go out and weed. Though he wouldn’t let me finish the dished he did let me help, and they took about and hour and a half from start to finish. I gotta say that I am pretty quick when it comes to dishes since I do them ALL THE TIME!, and really, Farmer Neal is just very thorough and sometimes thoroughness is a detriment … enough said. I will have to admit though that the dishes were very very clean.

In the end, the baby was contently sleeping away, another row of potatoes were weeded (6 to go), and the kitchen cleaned with the dishes put away and all was well with our little life on the farm.

I don’t know when I will beg and plead again to go the garden … we’ll see if I learned my lesson that Farmer Neal is right more then he is wrong.



  1. I am such a dork.

    All this time, I thought Farmer Neal was Loren’s dad–for some reason.

    So Farmer Neal and Loren are the same person. Duh. Got it now.

    We planted carrots as well and it is hard to weed them because in the beginning, you can’t tell the difference. I think we pulled out a bunch of carrots by accident. Ooops!

    • Sorry for the confusion … Veteran Haymaker is Loren’s Dad. :)

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