Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | June 18, 2009

Baby Stats …

Miss E. had a check up yesterday. We aren’t really very good about getting to them but we did finally get there. So her 4 month actually ended up being her 5 month check up.

Evelyn did fantastic. She slept on the way and since we made a few stops there she got a good hour nap in which meant that she was bright eyed for the actual appointment. She was charming and cute and all that which made it fun for the nurse. We saw the doctor that we saw when we were prenatal … the one that we HAD to see just once since he was our backup to our lovely midwife. He isn’t my favorite. Evelyn did her best to charm him and was mostly happy as a lark. The only time that she wasn’t too happy was when he was telling us all the reasons why we have decided to delay vaccinations for her until her immune system is more developed were wrong and ridiculous. I thought that was interesting. Once that episode was over, and we left still vaccination free, she was great again.

Couple things that were funny about the appointment … cause there is always something.

  • ~ The Dr. was asking about her bowel movements, wondering about color, etc. You know how it is. Loren pipes up and says “well you can see it right now actually” and looks at me as to say “we better change her … now!”.
  • A little side story ... on Tuesday morning (Loren has a couple days vacation) I bathed the baby and had Loren feed her while I showered before work. When I was heading out of the bathroom I heard Loren say “is this bathwater?” and I turned the corner to see a naked baby dangling in his hands above her cooling bath water in the tub in the sink. I said “I just gave her a bath” and he said “yeah I know, she NEEDS another one, her butt exploded and this is just going to be easier” … so in the water she went. Then as he was drying her off and getting her diapered and dressed she peed on him. Oh it was funny. I was watching while pumping and couldn’t help but laugh. As you can probably guess, Loren was as cool as can be and thought it was just as funny. To top it off, the new outfit chosen since it was chilly had a bunch of buttons down the front.  Loren said “buttons?!”.  Ha.  We decided that Evelyn was making him work for his money that morning … you know since parents get paid so very much in the first place …
  • So, back to the appointment. There was a good chance that this diaper needed to be changed “right now” with our past experiences so it was decided to just change it. Loren asked “got the wipes?”, completely expecting me to toss them to him and I said “huh?, nope? … where is the heck are the wipes?” Yeah so we were wipe-less. The Dr. said “oh we should have some … let me ask my nurse”. I hear through the door as they looking and can’t find any, but then I hear her say “oh here they are”. She brought in a diaper. I said “oh, we need a wipe, not a diaper”. She replied “oh well, I know we don’t have those”. I said we could just use paper towels and she suggested we use these paper towel type things that have plastic on the back because they might be softer. Maybe they were softer but they were not the best choice … the regular paper towels would have been better. Lesson learned, but hopefully that won’t be a bit of information that I need to use again. And, for some reason we didn’t put the changing pad under her so Evelyn left a nice sized “smudge” on the paper on the exam table. Always an adventure.
  • ~ During the exam the Dr. asked me to put Evelyn on her belly so he could check out her back. She automatically went up on her hands and looked around. I swear she does this to say “I’m awake!, I’m awake!, I don’t need to do to bed yet.” Cute. He commented on how strong she is and how well she holds her head. As she is on her belly looking around he asks “is she turning over at all?”. At that exact time, she flips to her back and smiles. The Dr. pretty much freaked out because he thought that she could have fallen off the exam table and so he reprimanded me for not watching her. Did I mention that he isn’t my favorite? I don’t know how much more I could have been watching her. For the record, she would have had to flip over again to her belly to fall off the exam table which would not have happened. She was more then fine. At least it was true that she does turn over.

Over all the appointment went as expected, with all its excitements and frustrations.

Baby E’s Stats were as follows … I will include her stats from her 6 week appointment at the same clinic.

6 weeks ~ 4 pounds 7 oz.
5 months ~ 13 pounds 7oz.

6 weeks ~ 17.5 inches*
5 months ~ 24.5 inches

At her 6 week appointment she didn’t make the charts for a typical 6 week old, since of course she wasn’t even supposed to be born yet!  But at the 5 month appointment she was in the 25th percentile for weight and 75th percentile for height.  I know that they are just numbers but I gotta admit that I was pretty happy with them.  I don’t know if all Mom’s feel that way or if it is just us preemie Mom’s but knowing that she is growing and catching up so well is great news to hear.

Needless to say, we are growing a healthy baby.   The Dr. was impressed with her and said that she is a very healthy baby and he couldn’t find anything wrong with her … not that we were looking or expecting it, but he said that repeatedly.

*The clinic measures from the heal to head and the hospital measures from the tip of the toe (by stretching the foot) to head. She was measured at 18.5 inches when she was born and then 17.5 inches at the clinic 6 weeks later. So she didn’t shrink, just a different way of measuring. I think that it is ridiculous that they do it different but whatever.

So there you have it … the 5 month baby Evelyn stats.  Thanks for checking in with us today!


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