Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | June 23, 2009

The Mama’s gotta favorite …

The Mama has a new favorite …


Baby things are great but mostly I find that they take up too much space … but this little gem is fantastic.  I thought that I might like one but knew that I would never spend $40 to try it out.  Thanks to a great neighbor who’s little one outgrew it, we get to use it.  I love it. 

But what about Miss E.?, does she love it as much as The Mama? 




I don’t know if she loves it because she has easy access to her dress to pull it up, or if she loves that she can sit up and watch The Mama get lots of work done. But whatever the reason, the bumbo gets a thumbs up from the farm girls around here. 


In case anybody asks … that is NOT the table the bumbo is sitting upon, it’s just our floor which looks an awful lot like a table.  :)  If I did infact place her on the kitchen table I would be breaking all sorts of rules and bumbo laws … and that would just not happen around these parts. 

Even if I were to break the rules and put her on the table there is really no big fear that she will get out … it took me a good amount of time to get her and her big ol’ cloth diaper out.  I should have had a picture of me picking her up and having the bumbo stuck to her behind … you will have to use your imagination on that one.



  1. It’s obvious that Evelyn absolutely LOVES her new chair…the one that lets her sit up straight like a big girl instead of lean back. I can’t help but wish they had a few of these things when you were all young. Your ‘floor’ seems a little high off the ground. :)

  2. Well, either your floor is really high, or your chairs & cupboards are really short. As a parent who has never broken any of the rules (Ha!), I am shocked, I tell ya. Or not.

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