Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | June 26, 2009

Just Playin’

You might remember this picture from a post a few days back …


I still love baby feet in case you were curious … and this picture, gotta say that it has to be one of my all time favorties.

Thought that you might like to see the whole view from that day …


I added a few more links to Miss E’s chain which she loves.   The following shot is a bit more “modest” where she is not showing off her rubber pants.  I should add, for the record that choosing to go with the old standard of pins and rubber pants with her cloth diapers has been fantastic.  After dealing with lots of leaks and etc. with the other wraps we had, I gotta say that I haven’t had anything wet once the rubber pants finally fit her.  Anyway, back to the “playin” …


She loves to lay and play with these links.  I was pretty excited when we received 2 sets as gifts when little Evelyn was born.  Yesterday she got her foot caught in the big frog ring and it was in there for a very long but I was sitting and pumping which didn’t allow me the time to get the camera.  Is it wrong that I was watching and hoping that it stayed stuck until I could get a picture?  Unfortunately, as I was getting up, out popped her foot and she was free!  Bummer!  Oh well right?  It could always happen again. 

When her feet aren’t playing in the rings she will try to hold them now and try to chew … though finding her mouth isn’t a mastered talent quite yet. 


Here is proof of that whole “hand to the mouth thing” is still a work in progress.  You can see a pretty clear view of her huge scratch on her cheek from an attempt to get her thumb in the dark of night … it was much larger in the morning (this was taken in the late afternoon), it is amazing how fast these little ones heal.


Silly baby Mama for not keeping those nails trimmed!  Still cute though.  Thankfully a scratch on the cheek doesn’t affect her playin’ much.



  1. Fabulous blog!!! There’s a lot to be said about old-fashioned cloth diapers. I raised my three kids in them—cloth, pins, rubber pants, and would do it again.

  2. I wore diapers and rubber baby panties until age 11 because of bed wetting.
    They worked great and I felt safe and secure in them.

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