Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | June 28, 2009

New Kitchen … well ok, that might be a stretch.

The old farm kitchen got a bit of a face lift this past week.  Not a huge face lift with newly painted walls which I am patiently waiting for, but a simple little window face lift. 


And actually, this is my second set of window valances since I last showed you my coffee ones.  In December I made some Christmas one, which were  a pretty simple green & red check.  I had plans to share them with you but then Christmas came and went and then Miss Evelyn showed up early and all plans changed.  Not too surprising, the green & red stayed up until this past week.  I made them before our little “Christmas Wreath Making Gathering” that I have hosted the past two years.  It is such great fun and I wanted to add a little more Christmas to the kitchen since that is where were make the wreaths.  I had grand plans to make “fun” ones with obviously Christmas fabric  but I didn’t come up with anything that I really liked enough so I used what I had and made them with the simple green & red checked which were pretty blah looking.  They were so ordinary that I had to point them out to my friends and one said “you could keep them up all year if you wanted because they are pretty basic”.  I had no intention of keeping them  up until the end of June but oh well!   

This past week though I had enough of the green & red and remembered that I had some fabric to make new ones.  The fabric was a pretty small piece that was going to be tossed by a friend, but I rescued it and thought … “this will be perfect for new kitchen valances”. 

With the little one asleep I got busy sewing.   How I can manage to make each and every thing I sew crooked I still don’t know, but they were done and when they were up you had to look pretty closely to see the mistakes.  Overall I think they look pretty nice and I also like that they will match my “in the future” blue walls. 

When I pointed the new upgrade to Loren because apparently something like new valances doesn’t register in his brain, he agreed that they were a little short but still thought that they looked nice.  I told him that even though they were short, and pretty much crooked, I was going to keep them up because they are going to be a reminder of our soon to be new blue walls … hint! hint! … His reply was “huh”. 


I think that means the new blue walls are not on the priority list yet.  Even so, I can continue to be patient and wait until the mud is done on a few more spots before I can paint.  I will appreciate the new pretty valances while I wait …or until I go ahead and paint the one wall that doesn’t need any mud.  One wall is better then none right?



  1. Very nice curtains. You may need to learn to spackle and sand a wall before too long. :)

    I wanted to share that the crooked sewing was inherited from your mother. Had you had your Aunt Jeri for a mother you could do perfectly straight seams!

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