Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | June 29, 2009

Cute from both sides.

Here is Miss E. from the other night. 


She was laying on the table while I made dinner … it’s a big table … she was more then safe so don’t worry, plus she still can’t roll from her back to her belly … she get’s “oh so close!”, but it wasn’t going to happen this day I was sure and I was watching her so no worries.  She was tired and mostly stayed in this position, her “I am tired position” which is relatively new.


Anyway, I thought that she was pretty cute from the back so I decided it would be a fun picture … there was just something about that tag sticking out that said “get the camera!”.


Keeping all things equal, I headed around the table to take a front view shot.


You might think … “that doesn’t look like a tired ‘so sure she won’t roll’ baby” … but really, she was.  This is her “I am so tired, that I am trying whatever I can, including keeping these huge eyes of mine open so I don’t fall asleep” look.  Believe the Mama … she knows these things.  Regardless of whether she looks tired or awake, you gotta admit that she really is quite cute from both sides.



  1. Can you tell I’m back from my sister’s weekend and catching up? Such a wonderful series of photos of your girl. I love, love, love the one with her thumb in her mouth!

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