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I am pretty sure that when I showed your our peonies from last summer I also titled the post “penelopies” but that is pretty much what we call them here.  Farmer Neal actually calls most every flower a penelope but especially peonies. 

This year was a little bit more work to view the peonies however.  See, mowing the yard became less and less of a priority when planting a garden and trying to keep up with the weeds, oh … and that whole raising a baby thing became more of one.  Needless to say it got out of hand … and the grass became a bit long.  

But one day Veteran Haymaker was here and mowed north of the driveway …


It was bad folks … really bad.


But it got better …


Much better.


While he was out there Loren stopped in the house and I said quite excitedly … “do you think that I will get to see my peonies today?” … I just figured that the front yard would get mowed as well. 


 It wasn’t pretty …


But the house side still stood tall which made me sad because I have been hoping we could get it mowed for such a long time.  When that didn’t happen, I did what I had to do … I begged and pleaded to have it mowed.  It wasn’t pretty, there was a little lot of whining involved and a lot of “I just want to see the peonies before they are dead!” voiced, and of course there were plenty of sighs and looks of “if I could mow I would but I can’t so won’t you please just mow!?”. 

A couple hours later I heard the glorious sound of the lawnmower … the begging paid off and it was clear that the weeds and the huge list of things that really were more important could wait until the following day. 


Farmer Neal came in a bit later and said “guess what I found?? … Penelopies!!!!”. 


So the flowers were found! … it was great.  Half of the front lawn is still long because lawn mowers aren’t really made to cut a field of hay and something more powerful will have to be used on the other half, we put our little mower through more then we should have but it looks so much better.





So pretty.  Having to wait to see them makes me appreciate them all the more.  I love penelopies peonies.



  1. Your flowers are so pretty! I had only 1 bloom on my peony bush last year, and this year I have had 4 of them. I think the fact it’s in a shady area in the yard and in close proximity to a black walnut tree isn’t helping.

    Your yard looks really nice mowed, too.

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