Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | July 6, 2009

Berries Abound

Look what I got …


Strawberries obviously.   Unfortunately they are not from our farm … but this one …  Someday we hope to have our own strawberries but they are time intensive, like everything else of course, and we just can’t do everything right away.    So this year we purchased berries.  There were 3 of these flats … 36 pounds.  I didn’t pick them though, I figured it was worth the extra cost to have someone else on their hands and knees this time around. 

The plan is to make some jam.





So far though, we are only up to the “mashed strawberries” stage … turns out that 36 pounds of strawberries picked up on the 4th of July weekend was a little silly.   But soon, very soon … just like getting those last two rows of weeds taken care of  … we’ll have jam of some sort.  The freezer jam/canned jam debate is still going on … in my head.   I might just have to try some of both this first time around, since berries abound.


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