Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | July 8, 2009

Garden 2009 … part 1

Evelyn and I went out to the garden tonight for some photos as promised a few days ago.  Unfortunately, this has been my first trip out there since I thought I would weed and since baby was in hand arm, my rows have yet to be weeded.  Which is why this is only part 1 of our garden.  I thought about taking pictures of the rows yet to be weeded and I just couldn’t do it … the weeds far out number the beets and the carrots and a little weeding needs to be done in the corn, cabbage,  and melons so those rows will have to wait. 

Here is the garden …


I gotta admit that it looks pretty darn good. 



I skipped the broccoli because those rows are in “mid-weeding” as well.






Red Potatoes


Red Potatoes Purple Flowers


Russet Potatoes … which look in pretty sorry shape but at least they are weeded!


Russet Potatoes White Flowers





Nice huh?  I wonder how many hours have been spent out here?  Too many to count I would guess.  Sure is pretty though and having the delicious homegrown food makes all the work worth the effort.  When I get to the weeds in the last 1/3 of the garden I will take more pictures.



  1. The peas look so good, the whole garden looks good and so many great veggies. Ms Evelyn will have the best baby food this year. She will grow like the weeds in the garden but be so much sweeter.

  2. Looks great–you are going to be busy in August!

  3. God bless you! That is a huge job!!

  4. I think I used to have a big garden, but yours is huge! Looks great! This year I have 4 tomato plants and 5 peppers. :) Just the right size to keep up with. I already have so many tomatoes I might have to open a street-side stand.

  5. Even a little smaller than Jeri’s, I have 3 tomato plants, 1 green pepper plant and a little pot of oregano, chives and basil. All of them in their pots on the deck. You are much more ambitious than I, but you’ll enjoy yours so much longer!

  6. I love the size of your garden…and you have peas to pick already?!? Yummy! I’m imagining eating some!

  7. Puts my piddly litttle ‘garden’ alongside my deck to shame, too. I have 4 potato plants with white flowers since I planted russets…..I love your purple flowers! I also have a couple dozen carrot plants, a dozen tomato plants, and since my beans didn’t come up I guess that’s it. Other than my many flowers I water pretty much every day. Pretty much because some days I’m too lazy.

    I admire your work ethic….all of you gardeners! Looks like there will be plenty of veggies for Evelyn this winter, and maybe even next winter!

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