Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | July 11, 2009

Peas to Freeze


The first batch of peas have been blanched and are resting in the chilly spot around here called the freezer.  There were just about 5 gallons that are now in 10 over flowing quart freezer bags … we call them pregnant bags.  I put the wrong date on them … I do that a lot!  Only one day off though so no harm done.


More peas to pick this weekend and more shucking and freezing is in our future but this is a great start.



  1. I looked at your blog when Evelyn was born but had forgotten to keep it handy. My sister told me to check it out again. How delightful! Your heartwarming pictures of Evelyn sleeping and those of your beautiful garden, produce, and penelopes are amazing. I will have to go way back now and read more. You are a great writer! What a gift of love you are to Loren and your whole family is a testimony of God’s grace and faithfulness. I miss the visits I’ve had with my cousin Bev, but she has been good to keep in touch. This way I can keep updated with you three at least. Thank you for sharing your hardworking wholesome lives with us.

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