Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | July 12, 2009

Our little baldy …

Lest you think that all we have worried about around here this week is gardens and work here are a couple pictures of Miss E. 


  • She has yet to get a tan.
  • She is still Daddy’s favorite.
  • She is still losing her hair. 
  • The new hair that is growing on top of her head is still coming in blond. 
  • She is still drooling up a storm.
  • She still has yet to cut those bottom teeth. 
  • She is still as fun as can be. 
  • She is still adjusting to her new bottles … though she only takes the yellow one if she is super tired, any other time the blue one is just fine.
  • She is still Mommy’s favorite.
  • She is still cute as can be, even with a little less hair.  




  1. She IS cute as can be! Gosh, those big eyes remind me of Jeri’s baby picture. She’s adorable and I bet she won’t grow up to be camera shy!

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