Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | July 15, 2009

Would you settle for more random?

Ok … so you may have noticed how fantastic I have been with posting.  Every day since May 31st.  That is pretty good don’t you think?  And yet all day today I have been thinking “what can I post?” … “what can I post!”.   Since I don’t have a topic and I was mocked (in the nicest way and actually quite funny way possible) for too many sleeping baby pictures (which are waiting in the wings) I am going to throw some more random thoughts your way.  I know that Mom likes them so we are all good. 

  • Today is chilly … like sweatshirt weather in July so I made chili.  It would be really neat if we were heading to Chile or if I had put some chile’s in my chili but nope, we are just going to have plain old chile-less chili in chilly July.
  • I told you awhile back that I needed to vacuum the living room/nursery … it was quite some time ago … just so you know, it hasn’t been done.  However, some progress had occurred and the vacuum us now in the living room/nursery.  Progress is progress my friends.  Right now it is serving as a coat rack since that is where Farmer Neal thought that he should hang his rain coat … I really hate to disturb the happy couple.
  • Farmer Neal had a very wet rain coat because we got a lot of rain yesterday.  2 and 7/8 inches.  When Loren told me how much rain was in the rain guage he added “that’s almost 3 inches”.  He knows me so well since I was just thinking “and 7/8 an inch would be …”  He likely saw my blank stare and smoke coming out of my ears as I thought.  A little help now and again is always nice.  Have I ever mentioned that numbers are just not my thing? 
  • Are you so curious about the mocking of the sleeping baby pictures story?  It is short.  I saw some family on the 4th and in good fun I was teased about posting so many sleeping baby pictures.  Later in the day Miss E. had fallen asleep on my shoulder which really is adorable and my new favorite aunt said “aww … she fell asleep” and my used to be favorite aunt said “oh quick! get the camera!”. 
  • My plan for this afternoon was to work on a couple quilts.  I hope to have a baby quilt done by tomorrow evening and a graduation quilt done by next Saturday.  For the record, the progress is standing still at “fabric in the bag from the store”.  We’ll have to see if those goals are reached … this could be a stretch, even for a master procrastinator.
  • Miss Bessie has yet to have her calf, yet Farmer Neal said “within a week”.  Funny because I have a friend having a baby very soon and her doctor just told her “within a week”.  We have to wait and see if real live cute baby or real live cute calf arrives first.  Is it sad that I am equally excited for both arrivals? 
  • I haven’t been out to the garden to weed … I wonder if I should just cross it off my “to do” list and pretend I did it because it has been weeks.   Thanks to other hands in the garden I only have half a row of carrots to do.  Farmer Neal asked me again today if I got out there.  I don’t know that he will ask again because he has got to be getting tired of my “Are you kidding me!?!” response.  I am getting really tired of using that particular excuse. 
  • I read somewhere today that one way to keep your house orderly is to complete one load of laundry a day.  Makes sense.  I did one of Evelyn’s baby stuff and when Loren made it home from work he asked “can you do a load of my work jeans?”.  Hmmm … too bad he didn’t ask earlier cause I already filled my quota for the day. 
  • I wonder if there is a plan for how to keep your kitchen table clean … because it sits right near the front door it is full, full, full … almost all the time.  Only time it isn’t all the way full is when I clear a spot to set the table to eat.  FYI, paper stacks really well.
  • There are a few gallons of peas to shuck in the basement … they have been there since Monday.  I am tired of shucking peas.
  • Remember those jars of jam on my counter … yep, still there.  However they are all washed and labeled.  Baby steps. 
  • I baked some chocolate chip bars this afternoon … they are my favorite.  I should not have made chocolate chip bars this afternoon.
  • I should check the chili, check on the adorable sleeping baby, do some dishes, set the table, shuck some peas, eat another bar, do some laundry, &  make some quilts.


  1. And I though I was your favorite Aunt! : )

  2. You’re right! I really like your random thoughts. They are so honest and real. I just have to comment on a couple.

    My vacuum cleaner is sitting in the corner in the livingroom. So far no jacket has been put onto it because your father always put his on the sofa arm. The nearby hooks just never appealed to him:)

    I’m trying to remember which aunt said what on the 4th of July so I can figure out your new favorite! ha There are so many to choose from!

    AND, I think the real problem with the laundry is that you have too big a washer/dryer. :) When loads were smaller (like 1/3 the size that fits in yours) it was easy to put a couple loads in every day and get them folded in less than 2 hours. When you have big washers you get more clothes and then you don’t have to wash clothes so often. Then the ‘mole hill’ of laundry becomes a ‘mountain’ and it’s too hard to even consider climbing it. Maybe that’s not a good enough excuse…

  3. Your randomness is very informative. I like! So, when you say it is “chilly”, what is the temperature? You are from way up north, and I am from way down south, so our ideas of chilly may be different. I want to know so that I can pretend I am at your house to escape this 103 degree heat!

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