Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | July 16, 2009

Green … so very much green.

Today has been pea-filled.  All day I have spent with the peas … I had planned on spending the day with fabric, not peas.  Last night there were only a few gallons in the basement, then Farmer Neal went to pick some more and this morning there were about 10 gallons.  To make matters worse, Farmer Neal went out picking again after work and brought in another 2.  Sigh.  I used to like the color green but now?, not so much. 

The next chore is to blanch and freeze them while the cute fabric sits wrinkled in the dryer.  I figure that getting it washed and having it wrinkled in the dryer is some progress.  

Here are a couple pictures of Miss Evelyn … they are black and white … just because.  You will have to imagine her blue eyes, or heck … just for the fun of it, imagine they are green.


Did she say “green eyes”?  Silly Mama.


Have a wonderful day!



  1. I love that last picture! Miss E. is so pretty! I had one of those bears when I was little! I didn’t remember until I saw Evelyn’s!

  2. Your garden must be doing very well, how many bags of peas have you put up so far? Sounds like a lot. Miss E is just getting cuter every day, I would not get anything done but play with her.

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