Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | July 18, 2009

The great chair debate … solved.

We have a tiny living space that we call the living room.  Tiny.  I don’t know specifically how tiny, but it’s tiny.   And to make matters more tiny, we added a crib and changing table to the space oh about 6 months ago.  Plus we added a baby swing, a table for the pump, a rolling set of drawers for baby clothes, a diaper pail and a bouncy chair.  Needless to say our tiny living room is full.  Full full.  A few weeks back we had another addition to the space in which we live … a new to us glider rocking chair.  Oh how I love glider rocking chairs!  I have always wanted one and yet … I have been glider rocker-less until one glorious Saturday morning when my sister-in-law called and said “I am at a garage sale and they have a glider rocker … blah … really great shape, great brand, with an ottoman … blah … it’s 10 bucks, and it is worth close to 300 bucks … you want me to get it for you?”.  The answer was a resounding YES!


she has yet to be cleaned up … but it is a fantastic chair

But the dilemma … where to put this great find of my dream glider rocker into our tiny little living room.   Being the procrastinators that we are, the rocker sat right in the middle of the so called dining room which is really a room that has the wood stove … and the desk and the buffet.  The rocker sat right in the walkway to get to the laundry room.  It was most definitely in the way, but the great chair debate was still happening. 

See, we have another chair. 


Meet Loren’s favorite chair.  Loren loves this chair as much as I love the new glider rocker.  The chair that Loren loves I do not love.  Sure, it is a place to land but there are several reasons why I would be fine if it did not reside in my tiny living room.  The chair is an old fake leather lazy boy.  It was free, years and years ago.  The man that used to own the chair was blind which meant he couldn’t see when he got to the chair until he hit the bottom of the chair with his feet.  This made the chair worn … so how was it fixed?  Black electrical tape.  Yep, that’s what was used and still is there today.  The chair sits crooked, it needs a ton of space in order to lay back, it has cracked arms and cracks on the back.  There are as many reasons that Loren loves it as I don’t.  He mostly loves that he can lay back and get a good nap while in work clothes since you can’t hurt fake leather. 

So how were we supposed to decide.  I loved one chair and Loren loved the other and space was an issue, a huge huge issue.   Oddly enough neither one of was willing to give up their chair.

We have company coming tomorrow … I love having company because they are a great motivator for procrastinators.  I knew that the chair debate would never end so I made it my goal to make it all fit.  It took me more time then I planned.  I knocked over a plant in the process, moved Evelyn’s crib with her in it … three times … stubbed my big toe and broke the toe nail off with the horrible  black chair … but I did it. 


fyi … that is a cute sleeping baby in the crib.

I made it all fit.  Well technically the swing is in the so called dining room, but close enough.  Is the space tight?  Oh yeah it’s tight.  Is the space still tiny?  Oh yeah it’s tiny.  But, the two chairs equally loved can live together here. 


After Loren was home from work and I was fishing for compliments telling him how great the space was I said “so, we are going to have to get Evelyn moved upstairs before Christmas because there is no way a tree is fitting in here.”  Laughter and agreement followed and the great chair debate was over.  Compromise is a beautiful thing.



  1. Looks wonderful! Great job Poofer.

  2. This is a wonderful story, Steph. I think it should win a blog award. :) It’s a testament to your ability to compromise, efficient use of even a small space, and hard work. Great job!

    Now there’s one more place to sit when we come to visit later today. We’ll probably fight over which chair we get. (just kiddin’)

    Evelyn looks so sweet sleeping away in her little corner of the world. What a little sleeping beauty.

  3. I love the glider rocking chairs! Mine squeaks, but I guess it is part of the charm.

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