Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | July 20, 2009

Look who needs a name …

Bessie finally had her calf!  Apparently this morning this little boy calf joined us at the farm on the outside. 


But, now he needs a name since I was hoping for a Bella … and he isn’t a she.  Any suggestions?  The only deal is that it needs to start with a B.  We have Bentley from last year and so that name is out, but all other options can be put on the table.  He is sorta pretty.  I was thinking Buster, but I don’t know that he looks enough like  a Buster.



  1. What a cutie! I think Beau is a good name for him. :)

    • Beau was on our list! :) Good job Jeri … of course my new favorite aunt would pick a name I liked. We’ll put a little star next to that name.

  2. He’s almost too beautiful to be a bull calf. :)

    Benedict, Billy-Bob, Beefsteak….guess that last one might be a little premature!

  3. I find it a little disturbing you name your food. Apparently you didn’t listen when Mom told you to stop playing with your food.

  4. very funny David….good for a laugh this morning!

  5. I must be trying to set a record for comments on one post, but dad suggested Bruce last night.

  6. I think he looks like a Benny Boy. He is very cute with nice coloring.

  7. Who knows, maybe the meat will be more tender if he is named…..Bruce.

  8. Yah, we once had a Mully Bully, a Bully Pully and a Fully Bully. And, they all turned into beefsteak and hamburger. It was called metamorphosis.

  9. Veteran haymaker…are you sure it wasn’t “meat-a-morphosis”??

  10. wilbur i know its a pig name but…. its still cute!

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