Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | July 20, 2009

The things people say.

Evelyn and I stopped in the itty bitty grocery store of our itty bitty town this afternoon on our way home from work. She recieves a fair amount of attention when we are “out and about” and today was no exception. I have been asked too many times to count if she is for sale while shopping, or if they can take her home … again, she gets a lot of attention. Today at the grocery store one of our neighbors was there. He is a sweet old man.   As they were all “oohhing and aahhing” at Evelyn he said “she sure is a good natured baby isn’t she?” and the sweet little old lady agreed saying “she sure is, always a smile for us”. I said “yep, she is even happy when she is crabby”. Albert said “she takes after Loren I guess then” and walked away. After a few moments I looked at the woman behind the counter and said “notice he didn’t say she took after her mother?”.



  1. The sweet old man must not know you!

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