Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | July 28, 2009


I love old names for baby girls.   That would explain why our little one is Evelyn … that and it was her great grandmothers name.  Often I find myself daydreaming about other older names that I would love to use someday if the good Lord were to bless us with another baby girl someday.  Usually I end my daydream thinking that I would end up with a boy because of all the time I spent working on the perfect girl name.  Sometimes I get a little more creative in my old name giving to non-existent children … there are just so many.  I wonder if names like Dorothy, Leona, Agnes and the like will make a come back like Grace, Ella, & Emma have.  Since I don’t have a new baby to name I decided to just start giving Miss Evelyn new nicknames from time to time.  Currently she is going by Pearl.


See, she is working really hard on those pearly whites.  So hard in fact that the two bottom teeth have made their break through. 


We see this look a lot and so the other night we set out to get the prefect shot of the new teeth!


I put her Bumbo in the floor … which is where it ALWAYS is placed anyway as to be law abiding Bumbo owners.


Then I said “show me your teeth!!”


I said it a lot …


more times then I had planned.  But Miss Evelyn decided she was done trying to show me and went for my feet instead. 


Then she really gave up and tried to hide from me.  Who knew it would be so difficult to get a shot of those little sharp teeth.   Heck, I would have been happy to even get a glimpse of them!

So I had to call in the “big guns”. 


“Oh Hi Daddy!”


Would one finger work?


Maybe two?

How about 2 fingers and Mom’s thumb!


TA-DA!  …  What? …  you don’t see the teeth?  That’s right … you don’t … because you know how they sort of go up and down a bit?  Apparently we hit the “down a bit”.


So in the end, no “great shot” of the teeth.  You’ll just have to take Pearls word for it that two little teeth are in that cute mouth.



  1. Since I actually felt ‘Pearl’s’ pearly whites on Saturday, I know they are actually present. They were definitely almost temporarily IN. :)

    She certainly was cooperative to allow 2 fingers and a thumb in her mouth for a photo!

  2. I think “Pearl’s” dress is really cute! And of course, so is she!! Love how she still looks so happy even with those fingers and thumb in her mouth! :)

  3. I just loved these pictures. She is the cutest little thing…those eyes are beautiful! I believe you on the tooth story (I mean fact) because she’s obviously very facinated with something in her mouth!

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