Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | August 7, 2009


So it’s Friday.  Another week has come and gone.  This one was one of those busy weeks where it’s clear why the phrase “thank goodness it’s Friday” came about.  Unfortunately the weekend is going to be equally busy.  For today, because I haven’t had time to take pictures of the cute growing baby or the cute staying the same size husband, I will share some of my random thoughts from the week.  Sound ok?  So glad that you agree that it is a fabulous idea. 

  • Last Friday night we took Evelyn to her first fair.  It was in a neighboring town.  We made it through the cattle barn, the pigs, and the chickens & rabbits.  They were just finishing up judging rabbits and Farmer Neal was a bit disappointed that we missed it.  On our way to the building with all the crafts, flowers, baked goods etc.  it started to rain.  I was looking forward to this stop because we had thought about entering some photos or something this past year but procrastinated too long.  We had plenty of time to look around even though there wasn’t a ton to see.  Apparently “Dorothy, Mabel, & Bea” have the corner on all the entries.  All I gotta say is that someone needs to get in there and shake things up a bit.  It rained a long time and there were only so many times that you can look at a little baggie of baking powdered biscuits you know?  So we finally made an attempt to leave the building in the rain and made it to the car after a short pit stop in the fish building … Loren thought that might be a worthy stop.   The fair adventure was short but one bright spot was that all the rain was pretty handy in cleaning off the tires of the stroller after our “barn” visits if you know what I mean.
  • We had Vacation Bible School this week at church.  I volunteered to make and serve lunch everyday.  Nobody left hungry.
  • As a result of VBS Miss Evelyn got a cold this week … too much lovin’ from the kids I guess.  She has done ok and today is much better.  Tuesday night she was awake every hour, Wednesday night just twice but with screeching “hey my throat hurts!” cries.  Thursday  night she only woke up once and went right  back to sleep.
  • I got the cold as well.  Enough said.
  • Loren did not get the cold and was not awaken by the crying screeching baby all week … but then again, he never does wake up to her cries.  How does that happen? 
  • When we went to let the chickens out this afternoon Bessie ran from quite a distance to yell at me.  I don’t know what she wants but I told her she would have to wait an hour or so until Farmer Neal came home because he was much better at understanding cow language then I was. 
  • This weekend is our parish festival.  This is the first year I am parish secretary.  I am dreading the parish festival.  Each day this past week or so I have heard “hey, did you do …”, or “hey, didn’t you get me …”.  Sigh.  I can’t wait until the festival is over.  I wasn’t aware that the parish secretary did so much to make the festival a success.   And really, lots & lots of great people do a ton of work … I am just sayin’ … I can’t wait until the festival is over.  On top of all the secretary stuff that I have yet to discover what I will be doing, we are down for 2 pies, a cake for the cake walk, prizes for the kids games, 5 quarts of shredded cabbage, a couple silent auction items and helping set up Saturday and tear down Sunday.  Have I mentioned that I can’t wait for the festival to be o-v-e-r!!
  • Miss Evelyn’s bottom two teeth are officially “in” and won’t be escaping back down any time too soon.  I am going to try to get a picture this weekend, you know inbetween all the festival stuff because they are pretty adorable little teeth. 
  • Homemade pizza in on the menu for tonight and I am hoping for a movie too.  I have been picking up VHS tapes this summer at garage sales since that’s how we roll around here … VHS tapes on the 13 inch tv, and I think that “Singin’ in the Rain” will be playing on this rainy day.   
  • Evelyn is crying in her crib.  She isn’t happy in any place that I put her so that means that it is time for a nap.  She is a tired tired girl … just like her Mama.  I forgot to see if the swing would work so I just tried it.  Now she is sitting straight up as if she is trying to figure out how exactly she could get out. 
  • I couldn’t help myself and took a picture … or two … or three




  • There are wet (clean) diapers in the washer … and a load of Loren’s clothes to go in.  Does everyone do separate loads for family members?  We do, but I think that is because we have to do Loren’s work and farm clothes separate from the rest.  I presume that someday we’ll have mixed loads but for now, they are mostly separate.
  • Loren should be home any time. 
  • I love Friday evenings. 
  • I wish that you could hear this baby babble.  She is so funny.  Kind-of curious to know what she thinks that she is saying, but I am also slightly frightened to know since sometimes it sounds a bit “hostile”. 
  • Is that enough?  Looks like a long list of random-ness.  I could keep going but I better be done.  There is some pizza dough to start, and laundry to move. 
  • Have a great weekend everyone. 

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