Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | August 11, 2009

Teeth … real live teeth.

Hey Ev …


Can you put that toy down? 


Oh thanks, now can you show me your teeth?


Good Job!


Thanks Miss Evelyn … they are great looking teeth.



  1. Those are some great lookin’ teeth! Too cute! Does she always do what you tell her to like that?

  2. Sarah’s right, Evelyn is the most obedient baby I’ve ever seen. But who knows how long it was between shots! :)

    She does like to show off her teeth, I think.
    She seems proud of them.

    • A baby always does what you tell her to do if the Mama gets to post the pictures in any order she wants to! :) I think that most of these actually were in that order which is not normal. There were lots of shots inbetween that didn’t make the final cut.

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