Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | August 13, 2009


We still have chickens in case you were just too nervous to ask. 


All are laying hens who give us nice beautiful brown eggs.  We have one rooster these days whom I named Billy because he is a bully … he is my least favorite rooster that we have ever had.  I miss the gentle ones, like Randy & Eddie.  I only name the roosters because there are never more then two that stay around with the hens.  We have a rooster (or two) so that we can grow our own baby chicks in the spring.   This way we always have young hens that lay well in the winter and we have old hens that we eat in the winter. 


We have hatched out lots of little ones this year, though I don’t know how many.  Farmer Neal is in charge of all things “farm” and well, live chickens fall into that category.  I just know that we have tiny ones, and bigger ones … some that still have Mama’s and some that are now on their own because their Mama flew the coop so to speak. 


I do wish that they were easier to photograph … someday I might need to bring them a snack so that they will come close enough to get some good shots.  Though honestly most days I prefer that they keep their distance since they still terrify me.  How long will that last do you suppose?  It has been close to 3 years since I have lived next door to them.  All I know is that as much as I like them, I like them far away when they are alive.  When they are not alive then they can be close by.  For example, I just de-boned a huge chicken for dinner and I wasn’t scared at all!  Baby steps I guess.



  1. OK, so this was hilarious! I’m glad you’re not afraid of dead chickens. If you were, I might suggest counseling for animal aversion therapy.

    Maybe if you eat enough of them you will become one and they’ll feel like family. And you’re not afraid of US.

    I liked the mother hen and chicks shot the best. Even at a distance it is very endearing.

  2. I loved your opening sentence. Funny! I HAVE been so nervous about asking, but I’m glad you answered the question without prompting. :-)

    Michelle likes to bring up “what animal is this” that we’re eating, like where does pork come from, etc. It always ruins my appetite. Doesn’t seem to bother you though huh? I prefer not to think of the “before” stage. haha

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