Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | August 14, 2009

7 months

Another month has come and gone and Miss E. is a big old 7 month old!  Already!!  Oh she is just so great and I honestly can’t remember what we did without here around here. 

In honor of her 7 months, her daddy (because I am always raving about her!) came up with his 7 favorite things about her.  Isn’t that so sweet.  I told him “oh the ladies will love it!”.  Ha.  I did “tweak” them a little you know, because men are sort of “one word is plenty” and it should be obvious that I prefer more then one. 

So here you go …

Daddy’s 7 Favorite Things about Evelyn at 7 months

  • The smile she gives only to him.
  • The great conversations they have.  You should see it, it’s adorable.
  • Those baby blues.
  • The way the she looks and observes.  Wonder where she got that one from?
  • Her Joy.  See, sometimes I can be “brief”. 
  • Her strong will.  Wonder where she got that one from?
  • All that she is, is really his most favorite thing.


Happy 7 months little Evelyn!



  1. It’s easy to see that Loren thinks the world of his little girl, and she thinks he’s the cat’s meow. :)
    Just as it should be. It does this grandmother’s heart good to see her growing and being so loved.

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