Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | August 15, 2009

Spoiled Chicken Alert

I have some news. We have spoiled chickens here on the farm. Now, you might be thinking “Oh man, that Poofergirl, I bet she forgot to put the chicken in the refrigerator and just found it on the counter!”, or “I bet that she did properly thaw the chicken in the refrigerator but then forgot to turn the crock pot on!”. Believe it or not, I have never done either thing, but that would be terrible.   Nope, the chickens that are spoiled are still happily alive having the run of the place.

I have long suspected that Farmer Neal spoiled his chickens. See, they always have food and water free-choice so their troffs are almost always full and they can eat whenever they see fit. Also, they get two types of food. Several soaked whole grains which is fed in the evenings before they roost for the night so they are good and full and dry small grains that they have ready for them in the morning when they are done roosting.  Farmer Neal is a great chicken Dad who is very good to them.  And of course they get many hours out and about roaming the farm finding bugs and eating grass each day.  Many chickens would prefer a life on our little spoiled chicken farm.

But tonight the spoiled chicken confirmation became clear. Farmer Neal was playing with little Miss E., glanced outside and noticing the sky getting darker said “wow, it is getting late I better go feed the chickens”. Now being the great farm wife that I am and completely aware that they get their soaked grain at night I said “oh, did you already drain the feed”. He said “well, I started sprouting their soaked grain again so that is drained a couple days in advance so it can sprout.  However, when I sprout the grains they don’t like the peas sprouted so I soak those separately and add them later.  So the peas need to be drained yet.”

Oh my.  Did you get that?, Farmer Neal soaks the peas separate because the chickens don’t like it. That is like several extra steps each day to soak them and then drain them and then mix them in.  Like I said, my long suspicion has now been confirmed and we are officially raising spoiled chickens. Spoiled indeed.



  1. yep, those chickens are spoiled! I’m sure he doesn’t like to see peas left to waste, either. So he does it their way.

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