Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | August 21, 2009


Tonight was rehearsal for the wedding I am singing at tomorrow afternoon.  I was going to post before I left about how I figured it would go and then post again when I got home to say how it actually went.  Needless to say I didn’t do that since it is 11pm and here I am with my one post. 

I’ve gotta admit that I think that the rehearsal went pretty well.  I think that we might just pull it off after all.  For that I am thankful.  I was hoping to take some pictures from the choir loft of this great old church but the lighting wasn’t the best.  This is the best I could do which is obviously very dark. 


Trust me when I say it is a beautiful place.  I love that we get to sing in the choir loft way in the back … makes this not even close to a veteran wedding singer mighty happy.  I am still nervous, but much less so since nobody will be staring my way, except Fr. Dan and he has too much to do on the altar to be staring at the musicians. 

Miss Evelyn came with me tonight but thankfully tomorrow Loren will be with to keep her occupied.  She did great tonight though and even sang along a bit.  She even took a little nap. 



Cute right?  You might notice her too short overalls which are a size 0-3 month and her too big shirt which is a 9 month.  See, this “dressing a baby for the fall in the summer” isn’t so easy and I ran out of options tonight since it was a cooler week and all my other options were already in the laundry basket.  Oh well though she was cute while awake and asleep.  The sleeping thing worked out pretty well since I was most certain that you have been going through sleeping baby pictures withdrawl since it has been quite some time. 



Peaceful … just like I pray tomorrow will be.


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