Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | August 29, 2009

“Oh Oh!”

You should always be leary around here when Farmer Neal starts a phrase with “oh oh!”. Let me just say that it happens a lot … twice today that were worthy of repeating.

The first one came when he went to change Evelyn’s diaper after a nice long 2 1/5 hour nap. I heard “Oh Oh!” to which I replied “what?” like I always do. “Well it looks like Daddy forgot to put rubber pants on her after I changed her last time”. Mommy says “Ughh!” Thankfully the crib was not wet, just the pj’s which was not a big deal.

Later in the afternoon Evelyn and I went for a little walk to get the mail. Farmer Neal met us on our way back to the house as he was going to go check on some hay or something. Walking in seperate directions I hear him say “Oh Oh!” turning around I again reply with “what?”. “Dead chicken!”. Nice. So apparently there was a dead rooster in the tall grass. After much discussion we have no idea what actually happened but we are guessing the big old mean Billy the rooster who should really be soup was fighting with the new rooster. Poor guy.

Stories of our little life on the farm … one “oh oh!” at a time.



  1. Oh! Oh! That is routine farm life. Sometimes good, but usually not so good. The bottom line, usually good. Now which is it?

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