Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | September 3, 2009

I think she already knew …

Why do you suppose Miss E. is smiling? 


It could be a a few reasons.  Like the fact that she is sitting in the big rocker all by herself, or that she was successful in her whining to be picked up, or that she managed to remove her last sock after the other one had been missing for hours. 

But I think it was because I told her what her “getting a bit snug” shirt said.


Oddly enough it wasn’t from either of her Grandma’s … but from a friend of mine who is a Grandma.  She got some good use out of it but sadly it will get boxed up with her other 6 month clothes in the next few days, along with all the clothes that I thought would never fit and are now too small.  Were on to 9 months size for our “preemie” 7.5 month old.  Where ever did that time go? 


She’s growing up.  Getting stronger and smarter everyday.  So smart in fact that I am pretty sure she knew all about those Grandma’s knowing everything long before I ever told her.



  1. She is adorable!! Love that shirt!

  2. Unfortunately, in the middle shot of her middle….she actually LOOKS like this grandma!
    Not like her other petite grandma. :)

    Nice outfit. Wonderful little girl!

  3. Adorable!

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