Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | September 5, 2009

Company’s Coming

We have company coming tomorrow for lunch.  Company that is over the age of 70 which in my little world meant that we must have pie for dessert.  I don’t know why … I just couldn’t shake that idea all day.   I didn’t have any lard for the crust and we don’t use hydrogenated oils like shortening around these parts so I had to try a new butter recipe which wouldn’t allow for a double crusted fruit pie.  I don’t know that the crusts turned out that well, but look at these pretty pies!


Yummy huh?  I decided on peanut butter pie and Loren chose lemon meringue in case his Dad happens to come, cause it is his favorite.  I gotta say, they both turned out great. 


The peanut butter one should be a bit more full but I read the ingredients wrong before heading to the store and only got an 8oz. cool whip instead of a 12oz.  Oh well.


But look at that lemon meringue huh?  It is really a thing of beauty. 

With all this praising of myself I will likely drop them both when they head to the fridge.  I should try to deflate a little before I attempt that.  This may help. 


Yuck … nothing like cold sugary dirty dish water to drain and gross dishes to wash to knock you down from “queen of baking pies” to “queen of cleaning the dirty kitchen”.



  1. They both look great! I’ve never been able to do meringue, it’s always ‘weepy’. I LOVE your peanut butter pie recipe!

  2. Yum!! I know how good your peanut butter pie is, and I also love lemon meringue pie. I used to buy it when I had lunch at the Pinewood before I went to work when I was a senior in high school MANY, MANY moons ago! I don’t make it very often, though. Kind of like my ruhbarb custard which I make once a year and eat mostly all myself. :)

    Enjoy your day!

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