Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | September 7, 2009

On this Labor Day

Today is Labor Day which around here means that we labor more then normal.  We have two days like that a year … 4th of July and today.  Farmer Neal and Veteran Haymaker are working hard on things outside … currently working on the sewer system project which will hopefully be complete before the ground freezes. 

Inside, Ev and I are doing “house stuff” like laundry and dishes, making lunch for those hardworking men outside, and basically doing what we do everyday around here with the exception that we did not head into work this morning for our 3 hour parish office tour.  Honestly, I am doing most of the work in here and Evelyn is pretty much playing or eating or napping.  She is teething however and isn’t afraid to tell me all about it from time to time … though mostly she is her happy self, just has bits of moments where she is less then adorable. 


We are going to start on the first box of tomatoes that Farmer Neal picked this morning.  Actually he picked a box yesterday and sent them home with our company, but this was our first amount picked worth working on.  The plan is to start on the spaghetti sauce.


Speaking of our company … it was a very nice visit with Loren’s Godparents.  The meal was perfect with the exception of the “oh shoot, bet those rolls are way over done in the oven!” moment.  We made a beef roast, mashed potatoes & gravy, peas, fresh tomato slices, and fresh carrots.  Everything was from the farm except the carrots.  Yum.  And the pie?  Oh the pies … they both tasted as great as they looked and my breakfast this morning of a slice of the peanut butter one was fantastic.


So that is our Labor Day in a nutshell. 


Have a great day friends.



  1. You bet! dat der peanut pie tasted like a peanut candy bar. Es hat seher gut geschmecht. Danke!

  2. Too bad Evelyn doesn’t do her share of the inside work! :) She makes up for it by being a little sweetheart though. Looks like she’s kissing on the last photo, but I bet she’s just very aware of her teeth.

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