Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | September 10, 2009

I’ll take Random for 300 …

I don’t know if I am the only one who will think I am funny on the post title but I can’t “not” use it since it popped in my head a while ago.  Why jeopardy popped in my head I will never know.  But anyway, I need to post … it’s been days …. again!  That is a bad habit friends.  I told you this would happen if I skipped days didn’t I?, just like the treadmill that I was super consistent with walking on for a month, is now sitting alone and dusty all because I took a day off.  I wouldn’t say that the blog is dusty quite yet, but it is getting close. 

So here I am, with lots of little things to say but nothing that is worthy of an entire post.  I call them my random thoughts, thoughts that I think “oh that would be fun to post, if it weren’t so simple, or short, or boring, or even not really that fun”.  I give you my random-ness, in all it’s glory … there will likely be many in number, some short, some long, but most certainly random. 

  • I am working on the second batch of spaghetti sauce with our beautiful tomatoes from the garden.  The first batch ended up being 3 quarts so it is sitting in the fridge waiting for this batch which I am really really hoping is going to be 4 quarts so that I can process it tonight.  
  • FYI … our canner holds 7 quarts.
  • The 3rd load of laundry is ready in the washer … the dryer just “chimed” at me which means I can do another “switch” between washer and dryer.  I have mentioned how much I dislike that “chime” right?  It is ridiculous.  I don’t know if it is irritating because I was raised with the heart stopping “BUZZ!” or what, but the chime is just wimpy.  It would be better to have no sound at all. 
  • I have the option of no chime on the dryer … I just chose not to push the button.  Silly right?  I did mention this post would be random right? 
  • Speaking of laundry.  This morning I couldn’t find my keys.  How is that for random?  Stay with me.  So I took the spare keys thinking that maybe Loren had them in his pocket or something since we headed to the neighbors last night and he drove.  I went to get my load of laundry out of the washer and it looked like something was caught between the door.  My washable breast pads get stuck in there all the time but it was obvious it wasn’t that … it just looked like something was in there.  Turns out it was my keys.  They are clean at least right?  Oh, and as I was typing this I remembered that I drove home last night because Loren drove the bobcat over that we borrowed.  Huh.
  • Evelyn has a cold … a bad one.  I was thinking it was as a result of the teething but it moved to her lungs and now there is a yucky cough to go with it.  Poor girl.  She is better today and thankfully her third tooth is through and the 4th is getting very close.  It is a bugger of a 4th tooth though … there is a huge hole in her gum and it is taking it’s sweet time. 
  • There are chocolate chips next to me at the computer.  The jar is open.  That is all I can tell you.
  • Yesterday I was playing spider solitaire on the computer.  I of course had a million things to do but Evelyn was taking a nap and Loren was resting on the couch after work for a few minutes.  When Loren got up and walked past me to the craft room to get something out of the freezer in there he said “solitaire?” and I said sarcastically “yeah I know … but I have nothing else to do!”.  He concluded the conversation with “huh?, then you must not have looked in this room.”. 
  • The craft room is in desperate need of organization … it is ridiculously chaotic and there is barely a path to the freezer.  It isn’t pretty folks, not at all. 
  • I just stirred the spaghetti sauce.
  • Veteran Haymaker is here today working on moving dirt for the sewer system project.  He just came in (while I was stirring the spaghetti sauce) and said that he had a farm girl adventure for me.  I had to pull his stuck tractor out of the dirt with the other tractor.  This is similar to pulling Loren out of the snow when he bucks it and gets stuck.  Difference here is that the tractors were switched, oh and I didn’t have to bundle up to venture out in the cold, that was pretty nice.  I haven’t driven the John Deer before and though I was nervous, it was pretty painless … you can’t even call it driving, I just pushed on a lever.  It wasn’t too big of an adventure because I couldn’t get him out.  He is pretty stuck, so he has to move some of the dirt out first.  He said he will be back to get me.
  • Evelyn is napping, though she just recently awoke for a while to cough and cry.  Poor girl.
  • My refrigerator is full of zucchini … still.  I am going to make another “looks like apple but it is zucchini dessert” this afternoon.  I hope that it makes a dent in it. 
  • I should not be eating have these chocolate chips next to me at the computer.
  • Tomorrow I am not working.  Whoo-hoo!  I am heading home for a little weekend with the girls.  Well, it will be mostly 18 hours with the girls but heck, that is ok.  Evelyn will stay with Grandma and Grandpa overnight.  I hope that she is feeling better.  Farmer Neal will stay home and work on the sewer system when he gets home from work and on Saturday.
  • I have to pack for tomorrow … my stuff and baby stuff. 
  • My nice brother and sister-in-law gave me a bag of Dove Dark Chocolates last Friday.  They are almost gone, but they were good.
  • I watched Singin’ In the Rain yesterday.  I have been picking up vhs tapes for our little 13″ tv and vcr this summer and on Sunday night we watched the old version of Father of the Bride that I found at the second hand store.  It wasn’t nearly as good as the remake though.  So yesterday instead of a nap I watched my favorite musical.  I just love it.  I picked up the Little House on the Prairie premiere movie as well, but it wasn’t the movie.  The video in the sleeve that said premiere movie was a Chirstmas one when they are all grown.  It was still good and I cried 4 times.  Ok, maybe it was 5.  I sorta cried at the beginning … I just love Little House on the Prairie. 
  • I just stirred the spaghetti sauce.  It would be ready to put through the foley grinder if I hadn’t added a few more tomatoes in the hopes of making it to 4 quarts.  I was going to save the tomatoes because they were just a bit “less ripe” but I decided in the end to just throw them in.  There are many more out in the garden I am sure. 
  • The laundry is still in the dryer … getting all the more wrinkled.
  • Well, this seems long and though I am sure that I could come up with many more thoughts I will end here.  End with the spaghetti sauce where it all began. 

Have a great day friends.  Thanks for reading.



  1. I think this is worth more than 300 points…maybe you got the daily double:)

    I like spider solitaire too….it often beats out laundry folding and miscellaneous cleaning jobs. I have to give myself a time limit. Amazingly, I am obedient to my own rules! I don’t like it when my arm/hand falls asleep if I’ve done it too long.

    The chocolate chips and dove candies sound good right now! Only I would eat them instead of just look at them. :) It’s Monday in the daycare world with 2 fussy (held all weekend?) baby boys and it seems really LOUD in here! But soon we’ll go outside awhile and then it’s on to lunch and naps so it will breeze by.

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