Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | September 16, 2009

does it help if I feel quilty?

So seriously, I feel guilty when I don’t post anything.  Does that help the two of you that check day after day only to find nothing new here?  Probably not.  I would apologize but honestly I don’t really feel bad about it, just guilty … like in the back of my brain it says “you really should have posted you know”.  Hmmm … I have always been a fan of guilt actually, some people hate it and run from it and pretend it doesn’t exist but not me, I rather enjoy it.  Guilt makes me feel not only guilty which is obvious enough but it makes me feel accountable to something.  That probably makes no sence but really, if you think about it, if I didn’t have anything to feel guilty about then I wouldn’t have anything.  I won’t try to dig this any deeper … that should get a big old sigh of relief from the two of you. 

So here is the deal, it’s been busy and even though some might think that being busy would bring with it lots of stories and fun posts it mostly just brings with it … busy.  Loren has had the last two days off and will be home again tomorrow.  It is technically called a vacation but the man has worked and worked and worked around here.  He is beat, tired and just worn out.  I feel bad for him.  I usually do.  Did I ever tell you that in one week I had 2 different people tell me that I can’t feel bad that he works so hard?  I disagreed and told them that I most certainly could feel bad for him.  They argued that people always complain that they have to work so hard and they really don’t and blah blah blah.  I don’t care what they think and I will always feel bad that he is so darn tired and worn out.  Anyway, that was somewhat off the subject.  My point is that when Loren is home and his Dad is here helping I pretty much am a slave to my kitchen.  Not a bad thing since they have to eat but when I normally do one big meal a day and it is suddenly 2 big meals I spend all afternoon and evening either prepping or cooking or serving or cleaning up.  I think that I spend a lot of time in the kitchen when I only do one big meal!  In addition to the extra food preparing I am still gone until noon everyday at the office.  There just ends up being little time to post anything. 

Tonight I had a meeting at church and when I came home I figured out why people have these little babies.  Miss Evelyn smiled and laughed as if the queen of England herself had come to visit.  Not sure that is the best comparison but the girl was happy to see her Mama and I gotta admit that it was pretty cool.  Besides not napping at the office in the morning and laughing when she pulls my hair and I tell her not to, she is fantastic.  She is tired now and pretty whiny but I told her that I would be quick here and get her ready for bed.  She is normally in bed at 8pm but took an extra long nap since she is having those issues with her morning nap and is a bit off schedule tonight. 

I took some pictures of the dirt work happening around here that I will try to post tomorrow.  Not super exciting right?, well it’s what I got.  :)  If you are nice I might even take some more pictures of that beautiful baby rolling around the floor for you too.



  1. You are always so funny. I can believe it is really busy on your farm right now. We are plenty busy, and we just have a small garden. I am pretty pleased to have some stuff canned/frozen though.

    We’re having a big auction at church on Saturday, after the 4:00 Mass. We are actually in charge of it–scary stuff. Pray that it goes well.

    Miss E. is such a doll. My Miss E. has been very fun lately, too. She is really developing a personality and likes to make people laugh. She’s so much fun, except when she’s teething, of course.

    Don’t feel guilty. It has its place, but certainly not on your blog. This is just for fun, right?

  2. I guess I must be your 2nd reader! I KNOW there are more than that, though.

    I can attest to the delightful antics of little Evelyn. We enjoyed her when she stayed overnight last Friday, even though she was sick. She still laughed and played and stroked my hair a couple times, but didn’t pull it. She saves that for mom I guess.

    As for guilt, it’s highly overrated! Do it because you love to write and share your little family with us, but we understand you can’t do it EVERY day!

  3. I am always up for Evelyn pictures. Don’t feel guilty about not blogging every day… if you do, you do, if you don’t, you don’t. I check in every day because I am a nerd who is addicted to reading blogs and I l-o-v-e Miss E, but that doesn’t mean you have to post every day! :)

  4. I just had to prove to you that there are more than two readers of your blog. So there. heh

  5. Okay so Sarah beat me…see…your numbers have doubled!

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