Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | September 19, 2009

An old fashioned Saturday.

Loren and I often recall how as children we always cleaned the house on Saturdays.  There were little jobs during the week for the children to take care of, but Saturday was the big cleaning day.  I remember that it didn’t seem to take very long, especially since it couldn’t have been that dirty to start with since we cleaned all week.  We chat about how we would like to carry on that little tradition with our own little family when the little ones aren’t quite so little.  So until then it is up to us.

We found out late last night that we would have some people stopping over for a short visit.  Though family would be with them, these are people that we don’t know.  When “non family” visitors arrive at our door it is a whole different thing.  Family can see a pile of paperwork or a pile of piles of paperwork but we really do try to present a clean space when possible.  So when Loren told me about the visitors I scanned the rooms and sighed a very heavy sigh and said “oh man, really?”. 

This morning we got to work.  I love cleaning the house with Loren, we get so much done.  We do our fair share of procrastinating in our spaces but when it comes down to it we just get it done and work amazingly well together.  I started cleaned the livingroom while he was returning the bobcat to the neighbors.  In order to finish the livingroom I had to organize a bit of baby stuff upstairs.  Our perfect baby played on the floor and was happy as a lark during all the cleaning and organizing.  I needed to move the baby swing and a car seat or two actually, and so a little room had to be made upstairs.  We also moved 4 extra chairs upstairs that have been in my craft room prohibiting any organizing or crafting from happening since July. 

When Loren made it home he swept all the floors while I put baby clothes away and tackled a couple of counters that I was certain had tops that were not the color of junk mail.  I mopped the floors while Loren ran to town to get a few groceries for some baking I had to get done for tomorrow and the house was really starting to come together.  Laundry was humming in the washer and the dryer which always sounds like progress to me.  Loren cleaned the porch when he got home from town and I made two pans of bars for a baby shower I am apparently hosting tomorrow.  I say apparently because I am no where near prepared for that.   

The biggest priority and challenge for me this morning was to uncover the buffet and the desk.  It has been piling up for months.  I sorted newspapers and paperwork that needed to be filed and get this … I even DUSTED the buffet!  You know  how you can really only dust it when it is clean right?  Oh it is nice.  The pile of papers made it into the not organized craft room which still need to be taken care of and there are two rather large piles on the desk to file, but it is a great relief to look this way and not see the chaos.   

Overall the place looks great.  All the floors are mopped and there is very little clutter … I can handle “very little”, it’s that “tons and tons” of clutter that brings me down.  Funny thing is … the company was in the house for about 5 minutes, not a huge deal I guess but we did all end up standing near the buffet so it was worth the effort to get it cleaned.  Chances are good nobody cared, but I did and that is all that matters right?  Evelyn was pretty much the focus for those 5 minutes anyway. 

Though I wish I was done after all my work thus far, I am not.  One more load of laundry needs to be washed & dried, there is a freshly dried load in the dryer and a wet load ready to dry.  Dinner needs to be made and then kitchen cleanup.  I also need to come up with a gift for that baby shower tomorrow which means I need to find the sewing machine in that craft room and come up with something last minute!   See, though I had a productive day, procrastination will always be my style … even on an old fashioned Saturday.



  1. You are such a good writer! It was almost like being there!

    I finally cleaned the upstairs bathroom yesterday. It took me half an hour. I probably have spent more time thinking about doing it over the past few weeks than it took to DO it!! I also moved a tree limb the power company cut off our elm tree and tossed in the yard on Tuesday. and mowed the grass. NOW, that bathroom downstairs will just have to wait til Christmas when we will have a houseful coming to visit. :)

    Have a wonderful Sunday and enjoy the baby shower. Let us know what you whipped up at the last minute.

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