Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | September 22, 2009

Make that 100 pounds of work … x 4.

Farmer Neal just weighed one of the two boxes of tomatoes left from Sunday’s picking … it was 24 pounds.  There  were 3 boxes that size and 1 larger so it is over 100 pounds total.  Have I mentioned that I don’t even like tomatoes?  I can appreciate them if I have to, but it is the last thing that I would plant, let alone can and work on for hours and hours on end.   If you make me a taco please don’t put a tomato on it.  If you make me a ham sandwich please don’t add any tomato.  Yep, I would be just as happy with pizza sauce-less pizza and spaghetti sauce-less spaghetti.   I will eat red sauce but it is definitely not my favorite.   Someone who doesn’t even like tomatoes really shouldn’t have to process so many … or at least that is my mood at the moment.


Oh, and even more good news.  Farmer Neal estimates that the 100 pounds I am currently working on and the 100 pounds he picked tonight that is waiting in the garage are about half of what is out there.  That means ladies and gentleman that there is over 400 pounds of tomatoes that I need to do something with.  400 pounds!!!  Have I mentioned that I don’t even like tomatoes?



  1. Too bad we don’t live closer….We LOVE tomatoes!!!!

  2. I suspect there is mutiny in the farm kitchen rearing it’s head. That is a lot of tomatoes, that’s for sure! It is kind of ironic that you have never liked to eat them. If you manage to can all of them, you shouldn’t need to plant any more for quite a few years. You may have to add shelving in your basement to hold them all!

  3. In the light of day the piles of tomatoes were much less daunting. No mutiny, I was just tired. :) We made some good progress tonight though and I suspect tomorrow will be good as well especially since I will be home all afternoon and evening.

    Sarah … we really should live closer. :)

  4. Do you can some regular crushed tomatoes, too? Much less work. Then just add a small can of tomato paste & your spices, and you have spaghetti sauce.

    I’d love all those tomatoes—but I’m also happy with what we have.

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