Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | September 22, 2009

Tomatoes … in process.

We (and I use that term very loosely!, oddly enough “we” means “I” this time around) are half way through that first big batch of tomatoes.  Two boxes down and two to go.  I counted 115 tomatoes in the smaller box that I did today.  Needless to say the larger box had more.  Fortunately the last two boxes are of the smaller variety so my guess is that there are about 200 or so more on my table.  Unfortunately that tomato picking fairy is at again as we speak.  I am not sure how many more he is getting this time around but he suspected many.  Sigh. 

Here are a few pictures … you know since they really are very pretty this year. 



Currently a 22 quart roaster is cooking down spaghetti sauce and another 12 quarts of just plain old tomato sauce which just might become pizza sauce if I have all the spices are cooking. 



The goal is to can the spaghetti sauce tonight … we will see, since it is almost 7pm and I would like some sleep at some point, and it isn’t even close to thick enough yet. 

I will share the spaghetti sauce recipe … when Evelyn is not crying in the background because she is starving!


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