Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | October 1, 2009

Teething in true baby farm girl fashion.

While you wait for the “how poofergirl cans spaghetti sauce” post … which IS coming.  I need to get some pictures today though while I am working on them.  Just remember that “patience is a virtue, (which I have been told it actually isn’t), … you’ll always find it in a woman but rarely in a man!”.  A little old lady told  me that years and years ago … of course she said that a man NEVER has patience but I change the saying a little bit because some men I know are actually quite patient.

ANYWAY … here is a little picture while you wait.  How a baby farm girl deals with teething.


The story goes that she was laying calmly on the bed with me while we were waiting for a batch of wheat berries to grind into wheat flour in the kitchen … see, the machine is really really loud and so we gotta hide out.  I went to turn it off and came back to a flipped over baby chewing on a kettle.  The kettles were on the unmade bed because our current bedroom off the kitchen also serves as a part-time pantry and kitchen storage area … don’t be jealous, you can buy an old farm house and deal with lack of space and organization just like we did if you really want to.

Off to work on tomatoes and take some pictures of the process.  If my laptop wouldn’t have died months ago I could post last years pictures … but well, the laptop died and took my pictures with it.  I still cry about it because umm … those pictures included Evelyn’s first 4 months.  Don’t get me started!   There is still a glimmer of hope that they could be recovered but since some of you are patiently waiting for the spaghetti sauce process then I better just take some new ones.   And if you are thinking “why does she need pictures” then you obviously don’t know me at all.



  1. The top four are buggers aren’t they!!! We have been working on them for practically a month now and only one has broken all the way through and stayed! Poor girls! :( and parents ;)

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