Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | October 8, 2009

I really wish I liked tomatoes …

We are home today because Miss Evelyn is feeling a bit under the weather.  Blah.  However, after a mighty long night, she seems to be better this morning.  She is also drinking and keeping her milk down! That is very nice … for obvious reasons.

So on the agenda … besides baby care of course, is more tomatoes!  Did you guess that?


photo from this past weekends canning mess featuring the head lady in charge.

In case you are curious … canning tomatoes for 2009 totals so far:

70 quarts – spaghetti sauce, tomato sauce, and tomato juice.
24 pints – pizza sauce

And how many tomatoes are left?  Hmmm … let’s see.   2 boxes from that last 14 that were picked about 10 days ago and get this … ANOTHER 7 BOXES that the stupid… err, I mean generous tomato picking fairy picked last night before another frost.  When he told me with all sorts of pride and joy announcing “only 7 boxes this time!” I looked at him with only the right look after I had asked him to just let them freeze, I decided to also verbalize … “I am not talking to you.” and then walked away.  Very mature I know.  Though not surprising, it didn’t faze that darn tomato picking fairy one bit, and he actually smiled.

So needless to say, tomatoes remain in my past (with jars upon jars on my precious counter space), present (with the piles upon piles on the table), and future (I did mention 7 MORE boxes right?).

I better keep – keepin’ on here.  Somedays I wish that I liked tomatoes, it might make the process less irritating. 

Oddly enough I wasn’t blessed with a canning tomato fairy.



  1. If you need a tomato-taking-fairy, let me know :-).

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