Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | October 16, 2009

Cookbook Heaven


Ok so I am most certain that there is not a cookbook heaven but I feel like I am there.  See, I LOVE cookbooks.  Always have and I am pretty sure that I always will. 

Awhile back while looking for a crockpot recipe I stumbled apon this website …… it’s got tons of recipes from a woman who made a new years resolution to use her crockpot every day for a year.  Fun right?  Super fun.  Then about a week ago I stumbled upon the site again?, not even sure why or how but I saw that she had put together a cookbook of all the recipes and it was ready to be sent out any day.  Even more fun!  I knew that I MUST have it! 

But, how would I go about justifying the purchase of yet another cookbook that I wasn’t even sure that I would use, like the piles and piles that I already have? 

Believe it or not, we have had a Barnes & Noble gift card on the side of the refrigerator since our wedding.  Yep, our wedding … the one that we had in Dec. of 2006!!!  I thought “hey?, I wonder if this is still good?”.  I called the number on the back and they, or should I say the computer said “invalid pin number” which meant I was instantly bummed about not getting another cookbook.  I don’t know why I tried, maybe desperation (not that I really couldn’t afford the $12 book, but it would be so cool to use free money!) but I tried the number on the website and ta-da!!!  it worked.  $25 free dollars just sitting there for me.  Fantastic!  Who ever says that procrastination doesn’t pay off hasn’t spent much time around these parts.  Had I used the card before I wouldn’t have been as happy as I am here today, in cookbook heaven!

I instantly clicked “add to basket” on the “Make it Fast, Cook it Slow” one and had it “pre-ordered” since it wasn’t officially “released” yet and then I looked and looked at all sorts of other cookbooks and since they had a buy 2 and get 1 free deal I picked up three other cookbooks.  I did end up spending a little money with the other 3 but it was ok because I ended up with 4 cookbooks (and a cute little mother goose book for Ev) and only spent like $10 … with shipping! 

So now I sit, engrosed in these books and especially the one that I just knew thought I would love!  I only wish I would have ordered more … I might just have to because if you have a crockpot and like to use it you have just got to get this book!   I don’t even know which one to try first there are so many great ones.

So I am off to read and say “ooh and aah” to myself and probably have a “mouth-watering” moment or two and try to decide which recipe to try first … seriously, get this cookbook!



  1. This entry was written for me! I LOVE cookbooks, I LOVE the crockpot (have a chicken cooking in ours right now) and I’m definitely going to get this book. Thanks for mentioning it here. I try to make a new dish each week so John and the kids are used to being my guinea pigs by now. You got a great deal on the books…I’m just wondering how you managed to keep a Barnes and Noble gift card around for almost three years. You have much more restraint than I do apparently!

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