Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | October 20, 2009

So many questions …

Pretty sure this is the only house you would see this …


Yep, that is a bunch of potatoes under the table.  Why under the table do you ask?  Well, where else would be the best place to dry them after they were hosed off?  Apparently they used to go near the wood stove, but currently that space is occupied by the drying kidney beans. 


Kidney beans, you might ask?  Yep we grow them … and they were picked in the rain so had to spend a little time in the heat to dry off before they can be shelled. 

Well then why not dry the potatoes on the table … you know where at least you wouldn’t have to bend over to pick them up?  Ok, so I added that bending over part, but honestly that was the first thing that I thought of when I saw them in their new drying place.  Well … this just “might” have been why …


Even though it wasn’t that full last night that was the state of my table this afternoon.  Now some of you might be gasping and thinking “oh my goodness what a mess!, I can’t believe she showed that chaos! … can you believe that she showed that chaos?”   The only reason why I did show you is because a mere 10 minutes later it looked like this …


Amazing what a little photo of your chaos can do to motivate … for me anyway. 

Fortunately not all things around these farm house floors are a problem …



Not too sure how long those potatoes will stay under the table but if you happen to be here and they are at your feet while eating a delicious homemade farm meal and you drop your fork, my recommendation would be that you ask for a new one.



  1. OK, are you aspiring to be a stand-up comic? Well, I guess you’d need photos to do your act. Anyway, this was pretty funny AGAIN:) Loved it.

    I just wish I could pick up that little cutey and give her a kiss.

  2. Mom … pretty sure that a stand-up or even a sit-down comic with photos is not in my future. :) But thanks for thinking that I am funny, or rather that my life is funny. Ha. I will give Ev an extra kiss for you.

  3. Our potatoes laid out on a tarp in our front yard over the weekend (back in September, when it was sunny & warm). I’m sure it was a sight for all who passed by. But they dried out and are now stored downstairs. (These were the reds, not the ones we canned.)

    Love the pics of Ev, and my table has definitely looked like that before!

  4. Love it!!! Glad to know I am not the only one with a “catch-all” kitchen table!!!! Evelyn is so adorable and big!!!! Is she crawling? Sophers would be all over those taters on the ground, new chew toys!!! :)

  5. I would be happy to store those nice potatoes in my kitchen. We used to raise our own but don’t have a garden now. I need to get started with one this year I think. Here in Florida we have two growing seasons, the fall tomato crop is just starting to be picked now. They are picked green to be shipped and then the fields are open to u-pick and you can pick green or red. I loved fried green tomatoes and red ones on a nice sandwich with mayo.

  6. I would love to have potatoes from Mn.Ohio does not have good potatoes.

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