Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | October 24, 2009

Our Saturday

Today was Saturday … still is technically, if even for a little while longer.  While the boys (Farmer Neal & Veteran Haymaker) worked on the sewer system …



I worked on potatoes …



I canned 21 quarts.  These were the potatoes that lived under my dining room table for a week.  The partially frozen potatoes that Farmer Neal picked a few weeks back before any more frost hit the garden.  They needed to be taken care of, the once frozen spots were now not-frozen and slowly rotting.  They were gross and they were a lot of work … to say the least.  Lots of cutting away the bad parts and peeling and peeling and peeling.  I don’t know that it would be my first choice if I were looking for something to do.  But I am sure that in February when I am frantically looking for something “quick” to prepare in our “from the ground up” kitchen I will be thankful for the time I put in today. 

Miss Evelyn did her normal routine since it doesn’t matter to her what day it is.  She spent some time playing, sleeping, and eating, and messing diapers … you know “baby” things.  She also hung out with me while I cut potatoes.   Having this cute face across from me helped out with the lack of enthusiasm I had for the job at hand.


I tried to get a picture of her smiling but she just didn’t want to. 


That’s more then obvious right?  Still cute, but not quite the smile I was hoping for.  So I gave up on her face and went for this shot. 


I don’t know why exactly but while I was under the table earlier in the day getting those potatoes that I didn’t want to be on the floor to get, her cute little dangling legs made me smile.  So I ventured under the table … for the third time today … only this time I wasn’t telling her that “Daddy should really be getting these potatoes since he put them under here!” … I wasn’t saying anything at all, just trying to get  a picture that wasn’t blurry.  After I realized that the perfectly clear shot wasn’t going to happen and gave up, I popped my head back up and this is what I saw.


As soon as she would see my eyes she would start laughing … over and over again.    I don’t know what she found so funny but whatever it was, it made for the cute picture that I was looking for.  

So that was our day … productive on the sewer system and productive on those potatoes.  Now, the floor needs to be scrubbed but I am off duty for the night.  I spent 12 hours in that kitchen today and I am done … done, done.  So the floor will have to wait … which suits me just fine.   The kitchen is closed as I like to say.



  1. Oh my goodness… I didn’t think it was possible, but E appears to be getting cuter. I love that last picture. You can see all of her teeth! So adorable!

  2. I’m with you on potatoes not being particularly fun. I had lots of help (three of us did it together) and we canned 107 quarts! Lots of peeling and peeling and peeling and peeling–you get the picture. At least it was nice visiting with friends during the process.

  3. That is going to be a state of the art septic system. Nothing is more than .02 inches off of perfect perfection. The siphon sucks like Ross Perot’s 1992 statment regarding NAFTA. You’re going to hear that “giant sucking sound from south of the border.” That sound is real when that siphon glug-glug-bloops
    Once it is finished, hooked up and in operation, you’re goin’ to have “nice shittin.” Until then, the old one may need to be used for a while longer.

  4. I enjoyed the potato post, especially the photo taken from underneath the table before you played ‘peek-a-boo’ with Ev. Those little ‘shoes’ sewn into the feet of her creeper just make me smile.

    That sewer system looks like a lot of work! And if it’s done well, you shouldn’t ever have to think of it again for a very long time:)

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