Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | October 25, 2009

Oh, I am not supposed to be doing this?

Well you might assume that baby Evelyn is perfect in every way and really … she is, except when she is not. 

Last week Loren was home with Evelyn and I was at the church feeding a couple dozen kids.  When I got home I was told the most interesting story of how our little lady managed to make quite a mess with a dozen or so of her disposable diapers and other various items around the livingroom.  Apparenlty she knew that Daddy was asleep on the job and took full advantage.  I wanted a picture but Daddy said he didn’t think of that, though he would be willing to re-enact the scene if that would help.  Sigh.  No, I would have to wait to see for myself. 

So yesterday while I was knee-high in potato land Miss E. was “playing” in the livingroom and suddenly it was more quiet then I figured was normal.  Upon closer inspection, I found her … with diapers off the shelf.


Unfortunately, for photo’s sake … she only had 5 diapers to play with.  Is it just me or does she seem to know that this isn’t what she is supposed to do? … and yet that she seems ok with that?


How could you be upset with a face like that?  Of course had I decided to stack the new box of diapers I might have had a bit more of an issue … but mostly I think that she is just plain old cute. 



  1. Cute? Definitely. Does she look a little guilty? Definitely. I hope you at least gave her a stern look before you smiled back. Wait ’til she walks!

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