Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | October 28, 2009

all in a days work …

Today was busy. So busy in fact that it is almost tomorrow.  Technically it is Tuesday eve at 11:43pm as I type.  I am rarely up this late anymore.  This used to be my busiest time when Loren was working second shift and not arriving home until after 2am.  But since we went from  a second shift family to a first shift family this past spring we became early to bed and early to rise people.  But tonight I am still up because I have had a lot to do. 

To warn you, when there is plenty of time to turn back, only to have committed to one paragraph … this might be a bit of  a boring post.  There is absolutely nothing fun or witty in my mind as I type … this could very well be one of those un-eventful “this was my day posts” that I seldom type out but that I oddly enjoy reading on other blogs.  So you have been warned and if you are just oh so curious as to why a first shift girl is still up at nearly midnight then I still say, it is boring folks. 

I am waiting for bread to bake.  Exciting no?  Oh the life I lead, on the edge … never knowing what my next adventure will be.  To make it even more fun, I just mopped the floor.  Yes that is right, I mopped up the nasty goo left behind by those once-frozen then suddenly rotting potatoes.  The water was so gross I had to change it half way through.  But I gotta say, it looks nice.  Who doesn’t love a nice clean kitchen floor though?   It almost sparkles.  It would actually sparkle if Loren cleaned it.  Of course he would have been on his hands and knees and moving appliances too.  I am just happy with an “almost sparkles” floor this time of night. 

In addition to the bread, and the mopped floor I took care of 5 loads of laundry.  It might actually only be 4 but 5 sounds much better.  I lose count and loads that I did last time creep into my counts.  Anyway, I still have one to fold … those darn towels that I just don’t like to fold … and there are a couple rugs in the dryer waiting for the almost sparkling floor to finish drying.  I love clean rugs … I rarely wash them though, not sure why?  Anyway, that was a lot of laundry don’t you think?  It is my average almost twice a week which is sad considering there are only 3 bodies presently. 

After work today I made 48 cupcakes with a friend for the kids at church tomorrow night.  It took longer then I planned and they are horrible looking.  Really bad my friends.  I might just bring the camera to work in the morning so that there is proof.  My friend Julie loves them, she thinks they look “whimsical” when the truth is, they are hideous.  I didn’t want to deal with the true decorating … the pastry bags full of frosting and fancy tips and so we went with candy corn and m&m’s.  I am pretty sure that you can use your imagination and figure out why the supposed to be adorable pumpkin faced cupcakes turned out so very wrong.  Mostly they look like snowmen faces.  Fortuantely we know exactly what to do for December.

Before the cupcakes I worked, nothing too exciting there … just that I was there and that counts for something I suppose.  The plan us that I will be done with work sometime in January giving me a couple months before (God Willing) this baby arrives full term.  I am overjoyed with excitement to be able to stay home with Evelyn and the new one.  Working even part-time with a little one in tow has had its challenges.  She used to sleep all three hours … now, she rarely sleeps a half an hour.  That can be a problem. 

Well, the bread is out of the oven and I gotta say that it looks a bit “done-ish” which doesn’t make me happy on this already early Wed. morning.  Oh well, Loren will eat anything … thankfully.  That load of towels is still on the couch, wonder when they will be folded?  I am thinking in about 7 or 8 hours when I am awake enough to fold them mostly straight, and when I won’t be folding in the dark while Miss Evelyn sleeps in her so-called bedroom that we also consider the livingroom.  I might just take those rugs out of the dryer, if I remember in the next few minutes. 

Have a great day friends … if you made it this far then I am not sure if I should apologize or thank you.  Take your pick, they are both there for the taking.



  1. You’re welcome:)

    Sounds like a well-spent day to me.

    I got a chuckle out of the snowman/halloween cupcakes:)

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