Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | November 1, 2009

Little Saint Mary

We had a little All Saints Day deal at church tonight.  We love the Saints.  Thier stories of faith and commitment and struggle are amazing.  So in honor of the Saints we all did a little research on one of our favorites and the kids (and some adults too) were asked to dress up like a Saint.  We chose Mary the mother of Jesus for Miss Evelyn since Mary is her middle name.  We had planned on also dressing up as St. Anne and St. Joachim (Mary’s parents) BUT well, I just didn’t get to those outfits.  As it was, I started putting Evelyn’s costume together at 3pm … we had to leave at 4:30pm plus I had food to prep.  But, I found some blue fabric and was on my way.  I sewed the vail and a quick skirt while Loren scrubbed potatoes and before I knew it we had a St. Mary costume.




We thought she was adorable (of course!).   Happy All Saints Day.



  1. And I would agree!

  2. I can’t believe she left her veil on, but then daddy had ahold of both her hands I guess:)

    Very nice costume for a very nice little girl.

  3. love it! i agree too!

  4. She actually left her veil on the entire time … about an hour until Loren took it off. She was way better with it then I thought. When I pinned it on she laughed … pretty sure that she knew she was cute. :)

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