Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | November 5, 2009

An early morning timeline.

4:30am ~ Farmer Neal’s alarm goes off.  I think “oh man it is already morning?” … but roll over and quickly fall back to sleep.

4:39am ~ Farmer Neal’s alarm goes off after the beloved snooze time.  We love our snooze times around here.  I roll over to give a friendly reminder to get up, only to discover the body to remind is in the shower already.   Crawling over the bed I finally hit the right button and crawl back to my warm side.

4:43am ~ Lose the fight to “not” use the bathroom.  Decided to not tell Farmer Neal that he forgot to turn off the alarm.

4:45am ~ Baby Evelyn is heard in the livingroom/nursery waking.

4:50am ~ I ignore the sounds of a “more awake” baby and pretend she will go back to sleep.   

4:53am ~ It is made clear that Evelyn is not just going to go back to sleep.  I make my way to her and am greeted with the most awake and happy “Good Morning Mama!” I have seen to date.

4:55am ~ Bottle is warming and diaper is being changed. 

4:56am ~ Farmer Neal apologizes for not turning off his alarm. 

5:00am ~ After a short visit with Daddy and smiles all around I am sitting on the couch feeding Evelyn her bottle and wondering how I missed the memo that I would be feeding her at 5am instead of 7am or even 8am like Tuesday. 

5:15am ~ Farmer Neal leaves for work.

5:20am ~ Baby Evelyn is back in bed with a dry butt and a full belly … such a sweet life.

5:21am ~ I am wondering if I should just stay up.   I have bars to make for church tonight, laundry in the dryer to fold, laundry in the washer to dry, and a growling stomach. 

5:22am ~ I am in bed.

5:25am ~ I think of this great idea for a blog post.

5:27am ~ Weigh the options of staying in bed for 2 more hours or not.

5:33am ~ Phone rings.  My heart beating faster but honestly thinking “he couldn’t be dead yet, he just left!”. 

5:34am ~ Find out that Farmer Neal ran out of gas on the way to work but a co-worker was close behind on the road so he will give him a ride in.   Loren will call back on his lunch break to come up with a “plan” to get gas in the truck before 4pm.

5:38am ~ I think long and hard about my next move.

5:46am ~ Phone rings again.  I discover the “official plan” to get gas in the truck which involves very little of my help (hopefully and thankfully).

6am ~ Breakfast is made, laundry from the washer tumbling in the dryer which hold a freshly folded load on top of it, and a post is being typed.

90 minutes later I think I will just call it a morning.



  1. I bet daylight saving’s time changes haven’t helped here.

    Funny post.

  2. That was funny.

    I always have trouble deciding when to get up/stay up, too. But I’m usually being woken by a baby, not a hubby.

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