Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | November 9, 2009

Organizing … one of my many loves.

So here I am … it’s been a couple days.   I actually had a post all ready for Saturday that I put together late on Friday night with a little sewing project I worked on for my dear friend and her new baby.  BUT, I wasn’t able to see them to give the gift and I figured it wouldn’t be right to show the rest of my little world before the gift was gifted.  Which means I have a post already done, but I can’t show you.  And, we all know how when I get out of a good routine I end up with days between anything on this here blog.  Which explains why it is already Monday evening … with 2 more empty days on the calendar instead of  those fun highlighted ones I like so much. 

Pretty much it has been busy around here … nothing new there.  But this time around I am making it busier with some organizing.  I have been doing lots of that these days.  Some call it “nesting” when pregnant women feel the need to get orderly, but I call it “Man, if I end up on bed rest to prevent another preemie I better get some stuff done!”.  I am really not anticipating bed rest but one just never knows.  My friend that just had her baby was on  bed rest  for 3 weeks and it made me think “If I was on bed rest, what would I really wish was taken care of”.  And so I started a list (in my head) and have been tackling one thing at a time. 

The most recent was this. 


I have had stacks and stacks of baby clothes to sort and box. 


So I did.  Well, the girl stuff is done.  I have a bunch of boxes of boy stuff upstairs that my sister gave me before we had Evelyn.  I will get to them eventually I figure … quite quickly I suppose if this new little one turns out to be a Mr. little one.   

Then I tackled the horrible closet in our bedroom that contains more than it should.  In addition to clothing … shocking that we would have clothes in a closet isn’t it?   Actually, all three of us have hanging items in there, which is quite a bit … but the little space also holds all of the kitchen overflow … also known as “canning stuff”.  There are big kettles (like 6!) table linens, cook books, my cake decorating stuff, excess kitchen towels, extra blankets, the vacuum, a baby carrier or two, oh the list goes on and on.  Needless to say after the canning chaos of 2009 it was in desperate need of some organizing.  The small winding path to the bed was getting more narrow by the day.  I didn’t get a before and after of the closet but I did take one in the middle somewhere …


Hard to see her amid the chaos but Miss E. is busy playing with my pumping stuff which thankfully is was packed away.   I am great at finding her toys that are not toys … they are her favorite.  If I would have given her a real toy that was bright and colorful she would have thrown it … but a dozen plain old plastic 6 oz. bottles with lids and a bunch of other pumping parts were a hit!

So that is where we are … buried in piles of stuff to put away.  It is a good thing, just time-consuming.  Not sure what tomorrow will bring but if it is interesting enough I might just tell you about it.



  1. Are you going to show a before/after post? I love-love-love organizing! Second to that, I love to see what transformations were made!
    Please show us!!

    • I don’t have any before shots … I did mention that right? Sorry! The after shots mean nothing in my world without the before ones. Hopefully my next project will have a before in it though. :)

  2. You’re right, you did mention “no before shot” but amidst the piles on the bed, our imagination could work for that! An after would still be great but I’ll suffice to wait until next time. I know that nesting will trigger more organizing and the before/after will be coming again…sooner than later. :)
    Have a great day!

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