Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | November 12, 2009

Traveling with roosters … again.


It’s that time of year again.  Time to bring our surplus roosters and older non-laying hens to the place that gives them back to me frozen.  As much as I dread this time of year I like it.  I mostly like the fact that my freezer gets frozen chickens and roosters and that Farmer Neal has less chores to do!   I also like that I don’t have to watch the roosters fight for “top rank” after I let them outside in the afternoons.  They are a fierce bunch I tell ya.  Yesterday some of the new young ones tried to challenge old Billy, the keeper of the hen-house and let me just say the looks of one in particular wasn’t pretty.   Billy was still top rooster at the end of the day. 


What I dread … is the transport.  You might remember a couple years back when I made my first trip alone with boxes of roosters.  You can re-read that story here.  I gotta say, it’s an ok read. 

There should be about 30 birds in my company when Farmer Neal is done loading them up so the story should be much the same with the exception of 2 additions.  This time around there is a baby in the car, and as a result of that addition, there is a HUGE box riding shotgun.  That’s right … a box of chickens (that terrify me!) will be inches away from me.  I can’t begin to tell you how freaked out I could let myself become IF I indeed let myself. 

Farmer Neal placed the boxes in the car before he loaded them and said “you want to come and check and make sure that you can see well enough with the boxes in place?”.  I said “oh sure!”.  I sat down took one look around at the 7 boxes in the car and shivered.  I said “this one has to be RIGHT next to me? … and I added “Do you smell it is here?”.  He smiled and said “you might need to crack a window”.  Oddly enough he completely ignored my question of the box right next to me but I asked again and he said “I am going to put the nice old hens up here with you”.  He promised to put the roosters in the trunk … the roosters including Billy the Bully whom I have been asking to take to the butcher for months and months.  See, I can see the positive when I look for it. 


I will be really positive in about 2 hours when I am heading back to town with EMPTY boxes and Ev and I are far far away from those scary chickens that is for sure.  Hmmmm … rooster soup never sounded so good.



  1. You were telling me how big those roosters are/were……but the last one looks to be half as tall as your barn! Just gave me a chuckle.

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