Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | November 14, 2009

An update of sorts.

Today is Saturday and I have been much less productive than I really should be.  Blah.  By Saturday we are just plain old tired from the week and don’t really wait until Sunday to do some of our resting.   Farmer Neal has been outside working on the sewer system most of the day.  I just helped him cut a bunch of insulation in the barn.  I do not like the barn, but I helped anyway.  He did however say “I will come and get you if I need more help.”  Looking out the window I see it darkening quickly so I said “ummm … I am not coming out here in the dark so if you need more help we better do it now.”   I am so helpful right?  But I did stay out and we cut 3 more sheets.   As I was finishing this post he came in and said “can we cut one more sheet?”.  For the record, it is dark and I went out and helped.  See, I am not that bad.  Plus it was one sheet and I sorta like that Farmer Neal too much to tell him that I won’t help.

The last hour or so I have been organizing paper work.  Good grief the piles are big.  Yuck.  Turns out it has been since about June since the filing was done.  Yikes.  When Farmer Neal came in to ask for the help with the insulation he said “you look depressed” and I said “well, I am doing this horrible filing that is a huge pain.”  Just then Evelyn cried so I added “AND, that baby won’t sleep and has been mad for about an hour”.  Then as I was zipping my barn coat I decided to add “Plus, I am super tired and need a nap, I have to get laundry started and I have absolutely NO idea what to make for dinner”.  Looking up I added, “should I continue?”.  I think that I should have taken a nap. 

Miss Evelyn is fighting new teeth or a cold, not too sure what it will end up as.  She isn’t a huge fan of letting me check her teeth and well, I am not a huge fan of those big sharp teeth already in there so I don’t just dive into that mouth unannounced.  She has been pretty miserable all day and sleeping is hard since she can’t breath through her nose.   But, she is 10 months today!!  I had planned on some photos and a post about out 10 month old but pictures of a snotty and extra tired little girl isn’t working for me.  But I will show you a sleeping 10 month old.


This way you don’t have to see the snotty face.   She is in her “boy pajamas” and has been in them all day.  This Mama is hoping for a happier little one when she wakes up.  We are still overjoyed that we have had her for 10 months though … even when she has a less than perfect day.

The rooster run is complete and I gotta say that it went ok.  I am going to say that incase I re-read these words before I head out next time.  I made the mistake of re-reading my post from 2007 before I left Thursday night and the memories of that trip made the prospect of this trip worse I think.  Of course I had twice as many birds with me this time … double the birds that terrify me just wasn’t fun.  It was a long trip but it is over and tomorrow we will pick them up … frozen, my favorite kind of chicken to pick up. 

We have a birthday party tomorrow.  What in the world do you give as a gift for an 18-year-old when you are cheap … err, let’s say frugal shall we?   Well this Aunt went with her new fun hobby …


I am still learning but over-all they are ok.  This is the last of my original batch of dough from earlier in the week.  I need to get some smaller decorating tips and figure out how to master the frosting.  It is finicky I think … mostly the colors are my issue so I might just have to stick with all white.  Though there seems to be little “fun” in that idea don’t you think?

That is my update of sorts.  A little of this and a little of that.  Nothing too earth shattering.  I need to come up with something for dinner still.  Maybe I will scrounge the freezer downstairs while I am putting that laundry in … hmm … can’t I just take a nap?



  1. What a cute birthday idea! Love the cookies. Sorry Evelyn’s not been feeling well. At least you were able to get a sleeping picture instead of a crying one! :)

  2. Yes, you can definitely take a nap. That the prerogative of pregnant women everywhere–take a nap whenever you need one. :0)

    Love the cookies–they are so cute! Mine would not turn out that way, trust me. I don’t think there’s anything left to master, but what do I know?

    A freezer full of chicken–ya hoo! That is such a great feeling, isn’t it? Have a great week!

  3. That IS the . . .sorry, missed a word . . .

  4. The cookies look great. I know how much goes into doing every single cookie and using multipule colors… so I can tell you for fact that you are doing excellent!

  5. the cookies look perfect!! i am not sure that you need to work on perfecting the colors… but i guess you are not only a procrastinator but a perfectionist as well… hmmm….

  6. Not only did Isaac’s cookies look wonderful, they tasted great too! (He was nice enough to share:)

    As for the perfectionist/procastinator comment, those two character traits kind of work hand in hand, or hand in glove. I think I tend to do things in a hurry and not so well myself!

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