Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | November 18, 2009

A night of sewing …

FINALLY … here is a post I wrote back on the 7th of Nov.  But the gift was gifted and even though it seems like old news, it is a post … which if you haven’t notices are not coming too quickly!   It’s something though right?  :)

I have had a couple sewing projects waiting in the wings for a while now. 2 baby gifts.  I knew about these babies coming for months … not a huge shock.  I even knew if the babies would be pink or blue but I still procrastinated.  So on Friday the blue baby was born and man oh man am I excited.  So excited in fact that Ev and I are taking a little road trip to meet him.  I had hoped to make a quilt for him but not too surprisingly, it hasn’t been started.  In my defense though, he did arrive a few weeks earlier then I had planned.  At the last-minute which is mostly the only way I get much done I decided to make a “quick quilt” and have it ready for Saturday morning.   This decision was made at about 7pm.  It’s a good thing that I have learned to appreciate that homemade means imperfection because it is far from perfect.


I decided to try and machine quilt it since it is little (perfect size for the car seat) even though I have never machine quilted anything before.  Why I thought that was the best idea I don’t know since it is partly where that whole “not close to a perfect quilt” comes in.  It did however, go better than I figured it would considering I was pushing the envelope in starting and attempting to finish the project in record time.


I had a pattern going that went horribly wrong.  Oh well, as Farmer Neal kept telling me “it’s a quilt, it isn’t supposed to be in a pattern”.   Hmmm … ok?, even though I knew that he was wrong I believed him to help myself feel better.  That plan worked great in making my “I suck at sewing” time shorter.


When the quilt was officially done, I decided to make a bag for it to go in.  I love to make these simple bags that match the gift.  It turned out pretty well and the quilt fit perfectly … which was a bonus since I didn’t measure or anything.


The clock had not yet chimed Midnight and so I took on one more quick challenge to make a second bag for the other baby gift I had ready.  This baby is already a month old, but getting later gifts is fun right?


It was simple like the first one and cute.  Took me 20 minutes from start to finish.  How fun is that?

So overall it was a pretty productive evening.  The quilt took 4 hours from start to finish which included picking out fabrics and a few meeting the babies needs moments.  Not too shabby for this procrastinator huh?  Of course I am a professional procrastinator, if there is such a thing.


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